Here’s how Millie Bobby Brown would look as Jane Foster from MCU

Here’s how Millie Bobby Brown would look as Jane Foster from MCU

We often see Millie Bobby Brown as various characters in fanarts, and here’s one more brilliant instance of that.

Millie Bobby Brown is a highly popular actress with a huge fan base. Rising to fame with Stranger Things, she took part in several projects such as Enola Holmes and Godzilla after her debut. As a result of that, she has huge fame despite her young age.

As Brown is a big name, we often see edited videos or fan arts for her. Some examples include her as Phoenix from X-Men and Hermione from Harry Potter, the latter being an animated deepfake instead of a photoshop. You can check out those two by clicking on the related links.

Millie Bobby Brown as Jane Foster

Now, we see Brown in yet another photoshop as another character. In the fanart created by Sándor Szalay, who goes by Sonnyfive, Brown is edited to be Jane Foster from Thor. Have a look at the stunning image and brilliant work below.

As a matter of fact, the same artist has many different photoshops for other characters from numerous series and movies, including Stranger Things. There are edits of other characters, fanmade posters, crossovers, and more. You can visit Sonnyfive’s Instagram profile to look at his other brilliant works.

When we look at whether the photo above can become a reality, things get complicated. That’s because although there are rumors of Marvel offering a role to Millie Bobby Brown, we haven’t heard anything official yet – from Marvel, that is. The young actress had a word or two to say, though. When Brown was asked about the possibility of her being in an MCU work, she replied:

“I join many conversations. I would only do something that feels right to me, so when that comes along, then we’ll talk about it.”

So yeah, while implicitly confirming her talks with Marvel, Millie also said it was not right at the moment. We’ll see what the future brings. Meanwhile, there are many upcoming projects including the young actress. Let’s check out their status.

Upcoming Millie Bobby Brown projects

The first thing that comes to our mind when we say Millie Bobby Brown is Stranger Things, obviously. We’re still waiting for its fourth season. Fortunately, it seems the production is finally coming to a wrap. According to David Harbour, they should wrap it up around this August. This leaves us with a possible early-mid 2022 release date, which lines up with Finn Wolfhard’s earlier remarks. While waiting for Stranger Things season 4, check out our list of 11 facts you didn’t know about Eleven. You can also look at 11 things to expect from Stranger Things season 4.

The sequel for Enola Holmes is underway, too. They reportedly started filming the movie starring Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill. The production is probably still in its baby steps though, so don’t expect anything official soon.

Millie Bobby Brown has one more work that’s not as popular. It’s The Thing About Jellyfish, which is a book adaptation that will star Millie Bobby Brown. However, it’s still in the pre-production process, with the majority of the cast unknown. Click on the link to check out everything we know about the movie.

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