Is Stranger Things season 5 going to happen?

Is Stranger Things season 5 going to happen?

While fans are waiting for Stranger Things season 4 to be released, many wonder whether there’s going to be a season 5.

As you probably know, Stranger Things season 4 has kept us waiting for way too long. Since the release of the third season, which was in July 2019, it’s been two years. Fortunately, the crew is on the verge of wrapping up the filming of the season. They’re probably going to finish filming Stranger Things season 4 this August.

When they release the new season of Stranger Things, we’ll start wondering about the fifth season. Is there even going to be a season 5 for Stranger Things? Has Netflix officially confirmed it?

Is there going to be a Stranger Things season 5?

Yes, there’s most probably going to be a season 5 for Stranger Things. Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed it yet, but that’s quite natural as we don’t even have the fourth season now. However, earlier remarks from some stars and the crew hint at the existence of a new season after the fourth one.

The Duffer Brothers were in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, in which they confirmed season 4 wouldn’t be the last. That means they’re planning to make a season 5. Who knows, maybe there can even be more after the fifth season?

In addition to that, Stranger Things star David Harbour had something to say about a new season. Though not exactly confirming it, he pretty much revealed their plans about the future of Stranger Things. Here’s what he said.

“Yeah, I think on my Netflix talking points list, I’m not supposed to say that there is a fifth season.

If you were on set with someone doing a show that possibly might have a fifth season, I’m sure that those people, if you were close to them, as I am with the Duffer Brothers, would probably bring up things that might move forward into that next season.

I mean, you know, from the very start of this show, I’ve talked to them about the arc of this guy and sort of what would be, and they’ve talked to me about him, and what would be really profound and moving.”

There are some rumors about season 4 and season 5 being filmed back-to-back as it took so long. However, it does not seem likely at all. If they’re true, you can expect those two seasons to land on Netflix with a short interval such as 2-3 months. From a more realistic viewpoint, 2023 is a much more plausible release date for Stranger Things season 5.

When to expect Stranger Things season 4 to be released?

Let’s come back to today and check out when season 4 can be with us. Fortunately, they’re very close to a wrap on season 4, as we mentioned earlier. They’re planning to finish filming in August. That comes from David Harbour, who’s been very vocal about the production of the new season. Assuming that they finish filming this August, you can expect an early-mid 2022 release date for Stranger Things season 4. That release window lines up with the earlier remarks of Finn Wolfhard, who said the next season should come in 2022.

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