‘Guilty Gear Strive’ And Its Awful Load Times Became Their Own Meme

‘Guilty Gear Strive’ And Its Awful Load Times Became Their Own Meme

Guilty Gear Strive came out back in June to positive reviews and is considered one of the better fighting games currently out there. Most people who manage to play it say it’s a really good game and one of the most accessible in the series. That’s great for anyone that’s looking to get into a fighting game for the first time. Unfortunately, actually getting into a game appears to be a bit of a challenge.

Many players are growing frustrated at how long it takes to get into the game itself. Launching the game can lead to a rather lengthy wait time while the game connects to servers and loads. Things haven’t gotten better in the weeks since its launch, and it’s turned into a bit of a community joke in the process. Such as trying to speedrun the main menu.

However, the most popular joke has easily been seeing what games can be quickly beaten, or benchmarks reached before the game has finished loading in. Have you ever wanted to see someone beat the entirety of Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance for GBA in under 30 seconds? Well, that can be done with time to watch the credits before the menu will finally connect for Guilty Gear Strive.

One person managed to defeat the first Bowser fight in Super Mario 64 in the time it took to access the main menu while another completed an entire level of Sonic Generations. At least Sonic is known for going fast, but letting portly old Mario beat you in a race has gotta be rough.

One of the most challenging moments of Dark Souls is when you have to take down two bosses at once. So why not defeat both of them before accessing the main menu?

If you’re one of those people that likes to do something such as watching a basketball game while you play fighting games then try to line up starting the game with Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo taking free throws. He can get through a few of them before the game has finished loading in.

I think it’s safe to say that it takes way too long to load into this video game and this is an issue that hopefully gets addressed in future updates. Nobody likes having to wait to play a game and menus taking forever are going to do nothing but frustrate players. Until that is fixed though we can at least enjoy watching people complete video games extremely fast while we wait.