Control Z season 2 coming to Netflix in August 2021

Control Z season 2 coming to Netflix in August 2021

Netflix shared the official trailer and the release date of the highly-anticipated Control Z season 2. We finally have the trailer of the new season with the release date.

Control Z is a Netflix Originals Spanish-language high school drama series that debuted in May 2020. It is centered around an introverted and inspective student named Sofia, who’s in a school with a lot of fuss going on. To be honest, the series wasn’t a huge hit when we compare it to some other Spanish-language works such as Who Killed Sara or Money Heist. Still, Control Z has a fanbase we cannot ignore. Moreover, the viewers are sick of waiting for the new season.

We’ve been waiting for updates on the second season of Control Z for a good while now, as we mentioned before. After the harsh ending of the first season, fans were curious about what’s next in the series.

What to expect from Control Z season 2?

As you might remember, the first season of the series ended brutally with Javier in a critical situation. Netflix left us with a big cliffhanger, and we didn’t know whether Javier was dead or alive. In the trailer, we see that he’s still alive thanks to the first scene showing him at the hospital with Sofia.

Another hacker arises! While the school was mourning for Luis, the bullied student who ultimately died at the end of the first season, somebody with Luis’ social media accounts gave them a message. That message is a video that shows an edited Luis saying “Deliver Gerry to me.” The person who has access to Luis‘ account is probably someone close to him, who wants to get revenge from Gerry, who beat Luis to death. Even though Gerry is very regretful upon learning the real hacker was Raul, it seems he will be in big trouble. We see that in the trailer as well when a mysterious figure confronts him.

Meanwhile, Sofia will try to figure out who the culprit is this time, just like she did in the first season.

Of course, there’ll still be a lot of parties, romance, sex, and drama in the next season of Control Z. However, a big mystery concerning a student’s death will remain unsolved. We’ll see whether Control Z’s second season will live up to the expectations when it’s released.

What is the synopsis of Control Z season 2?

Here’s what Netflix says about the new season of Control Z:

“It’s a new semester at el Colegio Nacional, and it seems like everyone has all but forgotten Luís. That is until an unknown person takes over Luis’s social media and starts threatening revenge on those who made his life a living hell. Once again, it’s up to Sofía to figure out who the culprit is, as each act of revenge escalates and changes our characters’ lives forever.”

What is the release date of Control Z season 2?

Netflix is going to release Control Z on August 4th, 2021. We’re going to see how the drama in Sofia’s school will go on after a wild semester. You can watch the trailer below.

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