Best Sitcoms to Watch on Netflix for Norsemen Fans

Best Sitcoms to Watch on Netflix for Norsemen Fans

What are the best sitcoms to watch on Netflix for the Norsemen fans? Here are a few great comedy series and best shows like Norsemen in the platform.

Norsemen is a Norwegian comedy series focusing on a band of Vikings and their daily shenanigans. The series landed on NRK1 back in 2016 with the name Vikingane and it starred Henrik Mestad, Marian Saastad Ottesen, Nils Jorgen Kaalstad, and many other talented actors. The show later found its way to Netflix in 2017 with its English version. Then the second and the third season followed as the show gained a bigger audience on the streaming platform.

That said, Norsemen season 4 has never arrived on Netflix. This made the fans of the sitcom series quite upset. Netflix announced back in 2020 that the show was canceled. We know that the third season served as a type of prequel and focused on the events before the first season. So naturally, fans waited for another installment of the series so that they can find out what happened to our merry Vikings after the second season.

The series will not get another installment though. That said, there are lots of similar shows on the platform that you can watch right now. We have listed the best sitcoms to watch on Netflix for the Norsemen fans.

Best Shows Like Norsemen


Lilyhammer is a Netflix Original series following a mobster who goes to Lillehammer in Norway after messing things up with criminal acquaintances. Some of the cast members of Lilyhammer have starred in Norsemen too. So you can give this series a chance if you liked Norwegian TV series that are available to watch on Netflix.


A group of airport officers prefers a different approach to doing their job. This sitcom has that weird and offbeat humor understanding which we think you’ll love. The series also has reminded us of The Office. So it is also a great choice for those who like workplace comedies. It is available on Netflix.


First of all, Vikings is not a sitcom. But it is one of the best historic TV series of all time. The show focuses on the famous saga of Ragnar Lothbrok and his raids to England. It also tells the tales of the first Vikings who arrived on English shores and Ragnar’s sons.

Though we should note that the tone of the series is very different from Norsemen as it is not a comedy series. But if you like the Viking era and Norse culture, watching Vikings is a must.

I Think You Should Leave with Tom Robinson

This one is a great sketch show for those who love offbeat humor. Unlike Norsemen, I Think You Should Leave does not have a linear narrative. Actors and actresses play in different roles in each sketch that last about 2 to 3 minutes.

Derry Girls

Derry Girls does not take place in the same era as Norsemen. Its characters are also very different from the ones we see in the show. Yet again, Derry Girls is a brilliant TV series that is very similar to Norsemen in many other ways. It follows a group of teenage girls as they try to navigate their way in life during the 1990s. If you liked the careless humor of Norsemen, you can give this series a chance.

Well, here are the best shows like Norsemen. Unfortunately, it is canceled and will not have new episodes. But you can always watch the show again as it is available on the platform with its three seasons.

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