A Minor League Ballpark Proposal Apparently Ended In Horrifying Disaster Next To A Very Smiley Mascot

A Minor League Ballpark Proposal Apparently Ended In Horrifying Disaster Next To A Very Smiley Mascot

As life for many continues to reemerge in post-vaccination America, the rash of engagements and weddings seem likely to dominate the social calendar for the next few years as happy couples decide to share the rest of their lives together. That does not include this particular couple, who hit rough waters after a minor league baseball proposal went terribly wrong.

On Thursday night, word circled social media that a ballpark proposal didn’t go as planned, with a woman quite literally running away from their pre-fiancee after a proposal on top of a dugout.

It became clear the proposal happened at a Worcester Red Sox game, while many people yearned for video footage that this happened. The photographer whose tweet about the proposal fail went viral, however, said she would not be sharing images of the event.

But another photographer soon posted footage from a “source” online which you can view for yourself below.

Now in an age of vitality, it’s easy to let your mind wander into the territory of whether this is real or not. Public proposals are overplayed to the point of parody by now, and this could very well be a video meant to go viral and we’re only amplifying those goals by sharing.

Still! It’s objectively funny in this case since it involves what’s essentially a very happy smiley face hovering nearby, as the WooSox mascot watching what seems likely to be an incredibly embarrassing moment at close range is as close to an I Think You Should Leave sketch happening in real life as we’ll get.

Whether it’s real or not at this point seems beside the point given the reaction from the crowd and the extremely uncomfortable footage that followed, with the woman freezing and then running away in horror while the crowd in central Massachusetts looks on, aghast. It’s a convincing fake at best and a truly horrifying relationship implosion at worst, but the lesson here is that you should not get engaged in a wildly public place unless you are absolutely sure your significant other is going to say yes. And even then: Do it in private, where no cameras are waiting to see if your extremely special moment will blow up in your face and make for good viewing for the rest of the internet.