Bridgerton season 2 won’t be on Netflix in August 2021

Bridgerton season 2 won’t be on Netflix in August 2021

Bridgerton season 2 will not be making its way to Netflix in the following month.

Bridgerton is among the most popular Netflix Originals out there with a huge fan base. Ever since it was first released on Netflix in December 2020, the users of the streaming platforms have adored the series, which is why Netflix decided to give us more Bridgerton. Currently, they are filming the second season of the series.

The production process of the second season started at the beginning of this May. This means they couldn’t have gone far with the production process. That’s not only because they started filming quite recently, but also because of the pandemic. Last week, they stopped filming for a day because of a positive case on the set. Recently, there appeared to be one more positive case, which prompted Netflix to stop filming indefinitely. Even though this pause isn’t expected to last long, we see that pandemic still has a negative effect on production.

As the situation stands like this, not many people are expecting Bridgerton season 2 to drop on Netflix soon – let alone this August. Still, we’re now sure of it thanks to the sneak peek for August 2021 that Netflix Queue shared on Twitter. Bridgerton’s second season is nowhere to be found on the packed list of August 2021 releases on Netflix. So, it’s pretty safe to say that Bridgerton’s second season is not coming to Netflix in August 2021.

What is the release date of Bridgerton season 2?

There is no official announcement about the production process of Bridgerton’s second season yet, quite expectedly. It’s just been a couple of months since they started filming, after all. The crew is still taking some baby steps into Bridgerton season 2.

Even though there’s nothing official, we can always make some educated guesses as to when we can see the new season of Bridgerton on Netflix. If they can pull off a production process just like the first season, they’ll have finished filming by the end of 2021. We’ll have to add the post-production, which usually takes around 6-8 months, to that. Therefore, the most plausible release window for Bridgerton season 2 seems to be mid-2022. We might even see a sooner release date like early 2022 if they hurry up. However, a 2021 release is not likely at all at this point.

So yeah, expect Bridgerton’s second season to land on Netflix around the summer of 2022. But what’ll happen after that? Are there going to be more seasons of Bridgerton?

Is Bridgerton going to continue after season 2?

Hell yeah! Netflix has already renewed Bridgerton for seasons 3 and 4, before even releasing the second season. They have ample confidence in the series which has been a huge success up until now.

After the third and fourth seasons, Netflix will probably decide what to do after assessing the viewers and the popularity level of Bridgerton. There’ll be still a lot of books left in Julia Quinn’s novel series, which is the source of inspiration for the Netflix series.

Not only that, but Bridgerton is also going to have a spin-off. It’s going to focus on young Queen Charlotte’s life. We don’t have a projected release date for it right now.

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