EA Teases New ‘Star Wars’ Games For Next Year, But Won’t Be Showing Them At EA Play

EA Teases New ‘Star Wars’ Games For Next Year, But Won’t Be Showing Them At EA Play

With EA Play quickly approaching there is growing anticipation about what kind of video games everyone will get to see. While rumors persist of a new Dead Space and maybe a new college football game announcement we’re also, unfortunately, hearing about what will not be there. We already know that Bioware is skipping out, which means no new information about Mass Effect and Dragon Age, but it looks like another major franchise will also be missing from EA Play 2021.

Star Wars, which until recently was an EA exclusive, is not going to be making an appearance at EA Play. However, for fans of the Star Wars video games from EA they can rest assured that there will be more to see in 2022. EA teased that while they don’t have anything Star Wars to show this year they will be showing off some stuff next year. Maybe a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?

This is admittedly a little bit of a disappointment, but at least we know that some new Stars Wars games are in development and on the way. Star Wars has one of the best universes in fiction and that has managed to give us some really great games. What’s more concerning is that EA keeps announcing that major names will not be a part of their upcoming EA Play, which creates questions about what it is they plan to show during the upcoming event.

Hopefully, this just means that without Bioware or Star Wars that EA is going to come through with tons of new games to show. A new IP announcement would be very cool, for example. We’ll just have to wait and see!