Here’s how to swap out the tiny Final Fantasy font in the remasters

Here’s how to swap out the tiny Final Fantasy font in the remasters

a screenshot of a battle from a remaster of the first final fantasy
Image: Square Enix

It’s a start

Fans don’t like the teeny, tiny font in the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters, but that’s not stopping them from fixing it.

On Wednesday Square Enix released the Pixel Remasters of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 2, and Final Fantasy 3 on Android, iOS, and Windows PC. The games include updates like a refreshed look and a newly remastered soundtrack. While many of the changes brought a much-needed face-lift to an old franchise, not all of them were welcome. Namely, people took issue with the font, and now they’re finding crafty ways to fix it.

It started back in late June, when Square Enix first posted screenshots of the remasters. Upon seeing the screenshots, fans immediately scrutinized and criticized the font. Many fans were upset that it was small and complained that it would be hard to read, presenting a possible accessibility issue that could make it difficult for some people to play. The new font also doesn’t preserve the pixelated look of the original games, and it generally looked out of place in a remaster of a retro title. A few fans even made memes to make fun of it.

Some held out hope that Square Enix would respond before the release in July and fix the font. But then the game came out on Wednesday with the same old font, and fans expressed their disappointment.

As it turns out, it’ll be relatively easy for fans to change the font — at least in the PC version. As a post from RPG Site points out, the Japanese-language version of the games actually has an English font that’s better than the one that comes with the English version. To fix it, you don’t have to download anything special. It’s just a matter of copying and pasting the files into the right place on your computer.

Polygon reached out to Square Enix for comment, but the company did not get back to us in time for publication. We will update this article as we hear from them.