Imposters season 3 updates: Will there be a new season?

Imposters season 3 updates: Will there be a new season?

Let’s check out everything we know about Imposters season 3, which many fans are waiting for this thriller series.

Imposters can be seen as a psychological thriller with some dark comedy aspects to it. It’s about a female con artist named Maddie who scams people for a living. While Maddie is hot and beautiful, she makes use of it to scam people and use them. Some victims of Maddie are determined to team up and track her down for everything she’s done to destroy their lives. Meanwhile, Maddie’s next target is not an ordinary man, that’s because he’s a potential love interest. Thus begins Maddie’s struggle to go on with her quest despite three people trying to find her and one person who can ruin everything.

The creators of this dark comedy series are Adam Brooks and Paul Adenstein. While Inbar Lavi headlines the cast of Imposters, there are also many other big names such as Rob Heaps, Uma Thurman, Parker Young, and Stephen Bishop. They make up a great team to give the viewers a thrilling experience.

Imposters season 3 renewal status

Imposters is currently canceled, meaning season 3 is not in the works.

There are currently two seasons of Imposters. The original channel of it was Bravo, but Netflix acquired the distribution rights of the series. So, you can watch two seasons of Imposters on Netflix right now.

However, Bravo canceled the series after airing two seasons of it. This means they are not planning to make a third season for it.

Imposters’ fanbase started to grow when Netflix acquired the series and aired it. So, many people are hoping for Netflix to pick up the series and revive it, just like the platform did with Lucifer. As much as we’d like to see the third season, it does not seem very likely now.

Netflix hasn’t announced anything about the third season of Imposters, and the stars are currently playing in other productions. Sure, it would be great if we could see a new season, but everything indicates that we’re not going to see it soon – if we’re ever going to see it – that is.

Let’s say Netflix decides to renew the series for a third season. When can we expect it to drop?

Imposters season 3 release date

As we mentioned earlier, the series stands canceled, so there are no plans to do it. Nevertheless, some people hope Netflix can revive the series and give us a new season.

If something like this happens, we would have to wait at least a year before the release. That’s because a season usually takes around a year or more, with half of it for the filming process, and the other half for the post-production process.

While this is the usual case with the Netflix series, Imposters’ earlier seasons are in line with that, too, despite not being produced by Netflix. The second season of it (April 2018) came roughly a year after the first one (February 2017).

So, if Netflix ever announces the third season for Imposters, you can expect it to drop at least a year after the announcement.

Still, it’s just a mild possibility. Unfortunately, Imposters is probably over for good.

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