Is Adventure Time on Netflix?

Is Adventure Time on Netflix?

Is Adventure Time available on Netflix? Fans of the amazing cartoon series are curious about the show’s status on the streaming service. Can you watch the brilliant adventures of Finn and Jack on Netflix?

Adventure Time is one of the best cartoons that we have ever watched in the last decade. The animated series follows two unique companions as they go through new adventures in each episode. Finn the Human and Jack the Dog have become very iconic as well. The series, even with its opening theme to brilliantly designed characters ended back in September 2018.

The show started its run Cartoon Network in 2010. It also had a couple of episodes on HBO Max as well. Though the original pilot episode of the animated series landed on Nicktoons. After 10 episodes and 283 episodes spanning 11 years, the cartoon series is still pretty famous and is adored by many around the world. Naturally, fans of Finn and Jack are asking whether Adventure Time is available on Netflix. Let’s dive in and tell you everything we know about the science-fantasy series.

Can you watch Adventure Time on Netflix?

The hit cartoon series is unfortunately not available on Netflix US or Netflix UK. Although you might have watched it in the past as the series was available to stream on the platform in the past. After streaming for some time, Hulu Plus acquired the rights to the show. The streaming service also has an ongoing partnership with Cartoon Network which allows it to offer other animated series.

With that said, this situation only applies to Netflix users residing in the United States of America. You can still watch Adventure Time on Netflix if you live in the countries below. Let’s note that the title can be watched in 23 countries. Here’s the full list:

  • Japan (S5, S6)
  • South Korea (S5, S6)
  • Belgium (S5, S6)
  • Hong Kong (S5, S6)
  • Israel (S5, S6)
  • India (S5, S6)
  • Mexico (S5, S6)
  • Malaysia (S5, S6)
  • Philippines (S5, S6)
  • Germany (S5, S6)
  • Portugal (S5, S6)
  • Spain (S5, S6)
  • Singapore (S5, S6)
  • Netherlands (S5, S6)
  • France (S5, S6)
  • Thailand (S5, S6)
  • Italy (S5, S6)
  • Russia (S5, S6)
  • Ukraine (S5, S6)
  • Colombia (S5)
  • Argentina (S5)
  • Switzerland (S5, S6)
  • Brazil (S5)

Is Adventure Time Season 11 Coming?

The beloved animated series ended its run on TV with season 10. But the story continues with the comic book written by Ted Anderson. So there is actually a season 11 of the series. Though it is a comic book and it focuses on the events that take place after The Great Gum War. Our lovely adventurers meet new friends and face new enemies in the land of Ooo.

There isn’t any news indicating that season 11 is in production. We can also say that the existing seasons won’t be on Netflix soon. As the agreement between Hulu and Cartoon Network is going, we are not going to see the episodes on the streaming giant Netflix.

Though you might want to listen to the opening theme once again to recall all those great adventures of the two friends.

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