Is The Good Place Season 5 Happening and Coming to Netflix?

Is The Good Place Season 5 Happening and Coming to Netflix?

Are we ever going to watch The Good Place season 5? Here’s what we know about the series current status.

The Good Place was a brilliant series on Netflix that depicted the concept of an afterlife in such an amazing way. Created by Michael Schur, the series also starred some of the most talented actors and actresses like Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, William Jackson Harper, D’Arcy Garden, and Jameela Jamil. The familiar faces like Jason Mantzoukas and Maya Rudolph also starred in the show’s recurring cast.

The series consists of four seasons and a total of 53 episodes. It offered a unique and fun depiction of Heaven and Hell and received critical acclaim with every season. It also had philosophical propositions to the idea of the afterlife and redemption. Because of these reasons and more, the fans of the series are curious about the show’s future. Is The Good Place season 5 happening? Are we ever going to watch a new installment of this brilliant series?

The Good Place Season 5 Release Date

There will not be a new season of “The Good Place”. The show told what it had to tell throughout four seasons and said farewell to its fans with a great finale. Eleanor, Chidi, Jameela, and Jason helped the celestial beings to change their system of deeming the souls of the mortals. With Michael’s help, they created a new way of determining who deserves to go to The Good Place or The Bad Place.

So the series got a very satisfying ending and the leading actress Kristen Bell received a People’s Choice Award for Comedy TV Star of the Year. The series itself was also among the nominees for Comedy Show of the Year.

Is “The Good Place” Canceled?

The Good Place Cast and Crew

As the series offered such an amazing story and brilliant characters, fans were surprised to learn that it wouldn’t continue after the fourth season. But the reason why it didn’t continue was not related to cancellation.

On the opposite, the series had a great run with its four seasons and more than forty episodes. The cast and the crew of The Good Place wanted to show to have four installments. Their goal was to finalize the character arcs while also offering an epic finale for the series itself.

Michael Schur is the creator of the series. He also served in some of the best sitcoms like The Office and Parks and Recreation. Schur talked about The Good Place season 5 and told the fans why they didn’t want to continue. He said that the idea to come up with new seasons was definitely tempting. But after the second season dropped, they decided that four seasons would be enough to tell what they had in mind.

The producer and the writer also added that sometimes you need to leave something and move on. Even though the idea sounded great, he believed that The Good Place had a good run and it was more than enough.

Here’s everything to know about season 5 of the show. Although it is not happening you can still watch the first four seasons on the popular streaming platform.

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