List of New Releases on Netflix in August 2021

List of New Releases on Netflix in August 2021

What are the new releases on Netflix in August 2021? We have listed the upcoming movies, series, and documentaries next month.

The massive library of Netflix keeps getting bigger and bigger every month. New and returning series are being added to the popular streaming platform all the time. In fact, Netflix has released more than a hundred shows in June 2021 for its subscribers worldwide. Though we are now the first week of July and there also amazing titles slated to release in August 2021. This will be a great summer for sure as the list of new releases on Netflix seems great for binging.

What’s New on Netflix in August 2021

August 1st

  • Hunter X Hunter (Season 6) – Anime series telling about a boy who discovers that his father is a famous Hunter.
  • Five Feet Apart (2019) – Two teenagers with the same disease called cystic fibrosis fall in love with each other while trying to stay physically distant.
  • Poms (2019) – Comedy movie revolving around an elderly woman who becomes the head of a cheerleader squad.
  • Darwin’s Game (Season 1) – New anime series focusing on a mobile game where everyone is obligated to kill other players to collect coins.
  • The Losers (2010) – 2010 movie following a group of ex-CIA agents fighting against betrayal to ensure their survival.

August 4th

  • Car Masters: Rust to Riches (Season 3) (Netflix Original) – A group of mechanics from Gotham Garage works on junk cars to turn them into amazing vehicles.

August 9th

  • Shaman King (Season 1) – A reboot anime series following a shaman named Yoh who tries to win the tournament to receive the title, Shaman King.

August 10th

  • Gabby’s Dollhouse (Season 2) (Netflix Original) – Animated series about Gabby and her magical dollhouse.

August 11th

  • The Kissing Booth 3 (2021) (Netflix Original) – The last season of the romantic comedy series starring Joel Courtney, Jacob Elordi and many others.

August 13th

  • Beckett (2021) (Netflix Original) – Action, adventure movie starring John David Washington, follows a tourist who finds herself in a political conspiracy as he tries to escape from a constant pursuit in Greece.
  • Valeria (Season 2) (Netflix Original) – Spanish drama and comedy series will also return with its second season. The plot of the series revolves around a writer who is in search of inspiration.
  • Gone for Good (Season 1) (Netflix Original) – Based on the bestseller novel of Harlan Coben, Gone for Good is another thriller series coming from France.

August 20th

  • The Chair (Season 1) (Netflix Original) – Comedy and drama series created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss who also served in Game of Thrones.
  • Sweet Girl (2021) (Netflix Original) – A husband seeking revenge from those who killed his life.
  • The Loud House Movie (2021) (Netflix Original) – A movie from the hit cartoon series The Loud House focuses on the family’s vacation.

August 27th

  • He’s All That (2021) (Netflix Original) – Romantic comedy of She’s All That will be on the streaming platform as a reboot named He’s All That.

Here are the new releases on Netflix in August 2021. Stay tuned for a more extensive list of new and returning series next month. We will be sharing those as well.

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