Lucifer season 7 “ain’t happening” according to the showrunner

Lucifer season 7 “ain’t happening” according to the showrunner

Lucifer has had a pretty long haul with two unexpected renewals. As the series is coming to an end, many wonder whether we’re going to see Lucifer renewed again for a season 7. However, the renewal isn’t going to happen according to Joe Henderson.

Lucifer started airing on FOX back in January 2016. The first three seasons were released there. The series got canceled after that. Fans were not ready to farewell, though. They started campaigns to revive Lucifer and it paid off for them. Netflix got the rights to make more Lucifer and planned to make two more seasons. Everyone thought season 5 was the end, but no. With a final renewal for one last season, Netflix will give us the sixth season of Lucifer.

As things stand like that, many fans wonder we’re going to see one more season of Lucifer. Well, it was already announced that S6 would be the last, but we’re pretty sure of it now. That’s because Lucifer’s showrunner Joe Henderson pretty much ruled out a renewal.

Will there be a Lucifer season 7?

Henderson was teasingly talking about the Comic-Con’s Lucifer showcase. When Merrill Barr suspected a renewal, the showrunner replied definitively: “I can confirm that ain’t happening”

Even though a seventh season is not in the plans, we still have one more season to watch. And, we’re still waiting for Netflix to release Lucifer season 6. Fortunately, we know when the new season will land on the streaming platform.

Lucifer season 6 release date

Previously, we thought a 2021 release for Lucifer season 6 was not very possible. They just finished filming at the end of March, after all. In addition to that, the second part of the fifth season was still fresh.

Netflix took us by surprise by announcing a sooner release date than expected. Lucifer season 6 will be released on September 10th, 2021.

You can watch the release date announcement video that Netflix shared below.

How many episodes will Lucifer season 6 have?

The final season of Lucifer will have ten installments while the fifth season had a total of 18. We also know the episode titles of the last season.

  1. Nothing Ever Changes Around Here
  2. Buckets of Baggage
  3. Yabba Dabba Do Me
  4. Pin the Tail on the Baddie
  5. The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar
  6. A Lot Dirtier Than That
  7. My Best Friend
  8. Save the Devil, Save the World
  9. Goodbye, Lucifer
  10. Partners ‘Til the End

You can also have a look at our compilation of Lucifer season 6 photos while waiting for its release.

Here are some examples.

Ildy Modrovich is pretty popular when it comes to interacting with fans. She shared many videos and photos from the set of Lucifer season 6. “This is a hard one guys… last day in the penthouse. I honestly can’t believe it. Trying to freeze it in my memory. All of it…” she said in her last time in the iconic penthouse of Lucifer.

And here is a selfie from the first day of shooting the last episode of Lucifer.

Check out our article below to see everything.

All Lucifer season 6 photos before Netflix release date

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