Netflix fires executives for complaining about management

Netflix fires executives for complaining about management

Netflix just fired three marketing executives after finding out their complaints regarding the management. What do we know about from inside of Netflix.

The company has about 6 to 7 senior movie marketing executives and the world’s leading streamer has fired three of them. The execs in question were talking about the management and their bosses on an app called Slack, a messenger application used by companies and workplaces. According to the reports, the executives believed that their conversations were private. The reports also say that the dialogues between the fired staff criticized the marketing strategies of the management. A few insults were also seen in the messaging.

Although they are now fired, Jonathan Helfgot said that he did not want to put them out of work. As the vice president of original movie marketing, Helfgot believed that this was a type of venting and there was no need for firing. He also added that in companies, people tend to vent to reduce their stress levels. Yet the higher-ups of the streaming platform wanted to fire three executives for various reasons.

Netflix CO-CEO Ted Sarandos Talks About The Firing

Ted Sarandos, the central executive officer of the streaming giant also talked about the firing. He posted the following statement on LinkedIn, a formal network for businesses and workplaces. Sarandos referred to a memo stating “you only say things about fellow employees that you say to their face“. Although some of the executives did not want them to be fired, Netflix has a clear policy within the company. If you need to have private conversations about other employees, there is something wrong with that. In the ideal perspective of Netflix, feedback and communication is the key. So even though the private messages did not contain any racist or sexist comments, the fact that they were private was more than enough.

With that said, the execs in the Netflix firing talked about Bozoma Saint John who serves as the chief marketing officer. On the other hand, a Netflix spokesperson addressed the comments and said that the conversations did not contain any remarks regarding the marketing leadership. Another employee said that if the execs had talked more openly and made their comments publicly, they would not have been fired. We can understand that Netflix wants everyone to be direct. Even though there were no racial or sexual insults, Ted Sarandos added that it was not simply talking about trivial problems within the company.

He said that the conversations were quite critical and targeted the person. And these dialogues lasted for several months as the marketing executives thought that the Slack channel was not public. According to Sarandon’s explanation, Netflix does not necessarily watch Slack or any other messaging channel constantly. So their chat was actually open to anyone even though they did not notice that.

Netflix Hires Mike Verdu

Another news coming from the streaming giant was the hiring of another executive, Mike Verdu. As the world’s leading streamer is now stepping into the world of video games, it hired Mike Verdu for its gaming division. Verdu worked for Oculus, Facebook, and Electronic Arts in the past. He will now serve in the gaming efforts of the platform to bring more interactive experiences to the service.

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