Netflix Pokemon Live-Action Series Is In The Works

Netflix Pokemon Live-Action Series Is In The Works

Netflix is reportedly creating a Pokemon live-action series. The project is in the early stages of development.

After all those years, Pokemon still manages to take the world by storm from time to time. The latest installment was Detective Pikachu starring Justice Smith and Ryan Reynolds. Before that, the smash-hit game Pokemon GO gained huge popularity worldwide. Now according to the reports, the streaming giant is developing another series focusing on the world of Pokemon. The live-action series feels like it is another move from Netflix to step into the world of video games. And when you take the massive success of Detective Pikachu into the account, it is only natural for Netflix to develop a new Pokemon show.

There are a couple of details about the upcoming Pokemon live-action series including its creator and partly synopsis. According to Variety’s report on the topic, Joe Henderson will be the writer and the executive producer of the new title. Henderson also serves in the hit Netflix Original series Lucifer. He is the co-showrunner of Lucifer alongside Ildy Modrovich. Reportedly, the new Pokemon series will be another installment of Detective Pikachu. Though it will probably be a completely different series for sure.

Netflix has not made any official comments or announcements regarding the rumors. Though it makes sense as Pokemon has been a solid phenomenon for more than 20 years. The anime series managed to receive critical acclaim in the world of video games and in other forms of entertainment. Although the anime series itself still remains a classic, the movies and the reboots also gained popularity and were loved by the fans. So we might hear from Netflix about the Pokemon live-action series soon.

Netflix Pokemon Live-Action Series Release Date

According to the reports, the live-action series is in the works. Although we do not have any info regarding the release dates, we can always make a guess.

First things first, we are almost sure that the show will not hit Netflix this year. As the reports say, the new title is in the early stages of development. Knowing that it is a live-action series, post-production will also take some time. Even next year seems a bit optimistic as the streaming giant has lots of projects in the works. So the earlier possible release date for it would be around 2023.

Pokemon Series and Movies on Netflix

The world’s leading streaming service already has a couple of Pokemon anime series in its library. On top of series like Pokemon Journeys: The Series, Pokemon The Series: Indigo League, and Pokemon The Series: Sun and Moon, there are also movies that are available to stream right now. Pokemon: I Choose You and Pokemon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel are the two movies released back in 2016 and 2017.


All of these titles can be streamed in the USA and UK. They are available in more than 22 more regions as well.

Here’s everything we know about the live-action series. Yet again, let’s not forget that these are all rumors and Netflix has not made any official announcements yet.

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