Netflix Will Offer Video Games In The Future

Netflix Will Offer Video Games In The Future

The world’s leading streaming platform Netflix planning to offer video games in the future and hires former game developers. There have been a couple of reports indicating that the streaming giant is planning to step into the world of video games. Though it might be closer than ever as Netflix made solid decisions to offer video games on its platform. The current details state that the company is not planning to charge its subscribers for new content.

Netflix has been keen on expanding its reach on different genres. We already know that the platform has lots of brilliant movies, documentaries, and non-English TV series. Now with the recent surmount in video game adaptations, Netflix is definitely coming closer to the concept of offering games with a subscription.

Netflix Hires Former Electronic Arts Officer

Netflix also planning to add video games to the service next year. The company also hired Mike Verdu who worked in the gaming departments of EA, Zynga, and Facebook in the past. Verdu is going to take over as the vice president of the game development division of Netflix. He has also served in the development teams of great games like The Sims, Plants vs. Zombies, and even Star Wars throughout his career. The interesting thing about this is that Netflix might be planning to develop original video games instead of providing licensed titles.

Although our favorite streamer has increased the number of original projects recently, it still offers licensed series and movies as well. We believe that it will follow a similar pattern if it does start offering games in the future. Though there are no official details about this topic as of July 2021.

Netflix Gaming Is Now Hiring

We do not know how and when Netflix will add games to the service but the company is now hiring game developers on its official website.

The position is called Director of Product Innovation and Interactive. This means Netflix is looking for new people to work on projects like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. With these types of interactive narratives, the streaming giant is planning to offer unique experiences.

Video Game Adaptations Are In The Works

We also know that new video game adaptations are on the way. While great series like Castlevania, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, and Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness are available to stream, Netflix is planning to add new series to expand its video game genre.

New adaptations like Cyberpunk: EDGERUNNERS, Far Cry Major Laserhawk and Assassin’s Creed will be available to stream in the future. we might as well see them next year alongside new games.

Netflix Games Will Be Free of Charge

The current plan is to offer these games without charging extra. This is especially great as subscription services race to offer more projects at a reasonable price. Seeing that Xbox Game Pass does this with games, Netflix is probably going to offer both games and other content at a fixed price. They might also add a new subscription plan if the library expands to a whole new level.

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