Okami’s Amaterasu is coming to Monster Hunter Rise

Okami’s Amaterasu is coming to Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Okami layered armor
Image: Capcom via YouTube

Dress up your Palamute on July 30

Monster Hunter Rise is crossing over with Okami on July 30. But players won’t be hunting down Amaterasu and skinning her for parts. No, players will be able to adventure alongside Amaterasu with some special Layered Armor for their Palamute.

Later this week, Capcom will launch its second cross-over in Monster Hunter Rise — events where players can grab armor and items based on other Capcom properties. The first cross-over for Rise was Palico Layered Armor from Monster Hunter Stories 2. Now, players will need to take on a special Event Quest to grab Okami armor for their Palamute. Capcom hasn’t revealed the details of the Event Quest, but most collaboration-based armor isn’t difficult to acquire.

The Layered Armor is a purely visual change and Palmutes will still draw their power from the armor you craft for them. But, they’ll get to look cool as hell in their new “Ammy” costume. The trailer for the Layered Armor shows Amaterasu in glorious HD. The Palamute costume offers the cloud-like shoulders and Okami’s signature flaming disc. Even better, when players sprint on their Amaterasu-clad Palamute, they’ll leave behind a trail of flowers.

The Okami cross-over event is free for all Monster Hunter Rise owners.