Post Mortem is the new Norwegian thriller series coming this August

Post Mortem is the new Norwegian thriller series coming this August

Supernatural thrillers from Scandinavia are under the spotlight those days, as the official trailer of Post Mortem is dropped upon Katla‘s successful release.

The popular streaming platform keeps on giving us excellent local productions. As you might recall, Netflix released its Icelandic series Katla back this June. It has been up to a great start so far with many fans and good ratings. Now, we’ll get a new thriller series from Norway, which gives off a similar vibe to Katla. Titled Post Mortem, this new Netflix series will tell of someone who was thought to be dead – only to turn out alive. However, she’s not your regular human anymore.

What is the synopsis of Post Mortem?

Some joggers find a dead body in the wilderness and call the police, who calls the medical service. The health workers take the body to the hospital, only for it to wake up on the autopsy table. Live Hallangen, whom the authorities thought to be dead, is actually alive, but she’s not normal anymore. She lives with some supernatural powers and a constant urge for blood. Meanwhile, her brother is struggling to make things work at their family funeral business in a town where not enough people die. Well, what a coincidence, isn’t it? This girl has an irresistible urge to kill people and drink their blood while her family needs more people to die. Things become complicated at Skarnes, where people wonder whether anybody truly dies there.

“She’s back from the dead and has a newfound thirst for blood. Meanwhile, her family’s funeral parlor desperately needs more business. Hmm, what if…” 

We’ll see how things turn out when Netflix releases Post Mortem later this August.

Post Mortem cast & crew members

According to IMDb, Harald Zwart is the director of four episodes of the series. Petter Holmsen, on the other hand, directs the other two episodes. He is also the scriptwriter of Post Mortem. Both of those people have former experience working on other Norwegian movies and series. Here are some of the actors from Post Mortem and the characters they portray in the upcoming series.

  • Kathrine Thorborh Johansen as Live Hallangen
  • Elias Holmen Sørensen as Odd Hallangen
  • André Sørum as Reinert
  • Kim Fairchild as Judith
  • Sara Khorami as Rose
  • Terje Strømdahl as Arvid
  • Sarah Khouraki as Rose

What is the release date of Post Mortem?

Netflix is going to release Post Mortem on August 25th.

The trailer starts with how Live Hallangen is found dead, and how she revives at the hospital after. We see how she wakes up and confuses the authorities who thought she “seemed very dead.” After that, Hallangen introduces us to her new senses and powers, which are brought about by her constant need for blood. Havoc breaks out in the town of Skarnes.

You can watch the trailer of Post Mortem below.

What do you think of the trailer, is it interesting? Will you watch the series when it drops on Netflix on August 25th? Let us know.

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