Side Chick Leaks ‘GAY’ Videos After Learns Her ‘Man’ Got Secretly MARRIED!!

Side Chick Leaks ‘GAY’ Videos After Learns Her ‘Man’ Got Secretly MARRIED!!

A Florida woman leaked some explicit videos purportedly of her former boyfriend – after she learned that her ex got married in secret, MTO News has learned. And the explicit videos have gone viral.

The incident exploded over Facebook this weekend. It began when a man posted what appeared to be a wedding video, showing himself and his wife enjoying their wedding day.

Shortly afterwards, a woman claiming to be the man’s side chick went on Facebook Live and claimed that the groom was secretly gay. And the side chick came with what she is calling “receipts”, she claimed to have explicit videos showing the groom in gay explicit videos.

Here’s the Florida woman making the explosive claims against her newly married ex-boyfriend:

Side Chick ‘Exposes’ Man Is ‘DOWNLOW’; After He Gets Married On Her (; 0:58)

And then the woman leaked some extremely explicit videos, which she claimed showed the groom and other men engaging in gay activities. The groom has since spoken out and claimed that the videos are not him, but that hasn’t stopped all of social media from making the videos viral – and destroying the groom’s honeymoon.

For those interested here are the videos that the side chick leaked – warning the are extremely graphic and may shock your conscience: