StartUp season 4 will not be on Netflix in August 2021

StartUp season 4 will not be on Netflix in August 2021

StartUp is an unorthodox series that shows its viewers the dark side of running a new company. As we can understand from its name, StartUp is a series about start-ups, but it’s not your everyday success story. There’s virtually every kind of shady activity such as money laundering and corruption. So, you’ll always be excited and wondering what’s next while witnessing the genesis of a cryptocurrency called GenCoin.

Ben Ketai is the creator of the series, while some talented actors such as Adam Brody, Edi Gathegi, and Otmara Marrero headline the cast of StartUp. The team between the scripts of the series is quite large with names like Josh Corbin, Sharon Lennon, Nate Crocker, and Mac Marshall. The crew behind StartUp did a great job to impress the fans and the critics, but a fourth season is not on the horizon.

When is the release date of StartUp season 4?

Having made its debut in 2016, StartUp has been quiet since November 2018, which marked its latest season so far. Currently, there are three seasons of StartUp, but we haven’t heard from a new one yet.

Netflix acquired the distribution rights for StartUp from its original network Crackle. So, fans are hoping for a surprise announcement from the popular streaming service.  However, this surprise won’t be in this August, it seems. Netflix Queue shared a sneak peek at what awaits us in August 2021, but StartUp‘s fourth season is not on the list. To be honest, not many people were expecting it, but at least we’re sure now. Check out the list below.

Sure, Netflix might rethink StartUp sometime in the future, just like it did with Lucifer. It just does not seem soon, and we don’t have an announcement about it yet.

The original network Crackle hasn’t canceled the series or renewed it for a fourth season till now. On the other hand, Netflix just has distribution rights, but we don’t know whether they can make StartUp keep going, and add it to the list of Netflix Originals. The series has been in purgatory for almost three years now, and it is not likely to get out of it.

It’s best to keep our fingers crossed and wait for a surprise.

StartUp season 4 details

As we mentioned earlier, StartUp’s fourth season is not officially confirmed. Therefore, it’s not in the works right now – unless they’re filming it super secretly, which can happen once in a blue moon. Therefore, it’s safe to say we’re far from the release of StartUp season 4, if there’s even going to be one, that is.

If Netflix or Crackle decide to make a new season of StartUp, chances are they won’t make it on the sly. We’ll know when they start the production.

Usually, a season of a Netflix series takes around a year or more to create. The filming takes around half a year, and the post-production process takes another half. When we look at StartUp’s earlier seasons’ release schedule, this is apparent as well. There are yearly intervals between the seasons.

This means we’ll probably see the release of StartUp’s fourth season at least a year after it’s announced. Let’s wait for the announcement now.

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