The Olympics Basketball Shooting Robot Had Everyone Making Ben Simmons Jokes

The Olympics Basketball Shooting Robot Had Everyone Making Ben Simmons Jokes

The USA men’s basketball team fell apart on Sunday in Tokyo, blowing a fourth quarter lead to France thanks to an offense that was unable to score a basket in the final 3:40 seconds — a problem Team USA has had in exhibition games as well. The loss led to plenty of jokes at the Americans and even saw Evan Fournier get to the root of USA hoops’ issues with one sentence, pointing out that they’re a lot of great individuals but not yet a great team.

However, before the jokes arrived at the USA’s expense, the basketball world’s focus was on something that happened at halftime of the USA-France game, where a basketball shooting robot was brought out for the mostly empty arena to shoot from all over, cashing everything.

There were a number of camps that you could be in for reactions. My personal favorite was everyone pointing out that this robot’s release was outrageously slow and as such, you could just block this robot every time.

There were also a lot of tweets about the robot being better than Ben Simmons or the Sixers needing to trade Simmons for the shooting robot.

The next most popular joke was that the USA squad needed this robot against France.

Another was to call the robot Kawhi Leonard (you know, because he’s a basketball playing robot without emotions) or Stephen Curry (cause it can’t miss).

Plenty also pointed out that the robot takes about as long to shoot as Giannis does to shoot free throws.

The rest of the tweets were some form of “[insert team/owner/gm] sign or trade for this robot” or “we are all going to die.”