The Umbrella Academy season 3 will not be on Netflix in August 2021

The Umbrella Academy season 3 will not be on Netflix in August 2021

The Umbrella Academy fans will have to wait for a bit more to see season 3 on Netflix. The new season isn’t coming in the following month. Frankly, we still have a good amount of time to wait for.

We wonder what Netflix will offer us at the beginning of another month. Although this August is stacked with many popular works, The Umbrella Academy’s third season is not among those. It’s one of the most anticipated productions currently in the works, but we’ll have to wait for more to see it.

To be honest, not many people even expected the new season to drop the next month. Still, it’s now confirmed as the season is nowhere to be found on the list of Netflix’s August 2021 releases. When we look at how things stand right now, it does not even seem possible for the season to drop by the end of 2021.

Let’s check out the current situation with the production right now. It can give us some insight into when we can possibly watch the new season.

When can we expect The Umbrella Academy season 3 to be released?

Just like every major production, The Umbrella Academy got its own treatment because of the pandemic. As the workdays are shorter due to the restrictions, it inevitably takes longer to film the episodes. In addition to that, the staff number has to be limited on set, too, which is another thing to blame for the long wait.

Still, reports have that the crew is planning to finish filming the new season in September 2021. Even if the schedule can slip up a bit, we don’t expect them to wrap it up later than November 2021 at the latest.

After they finish filming the season, we’ll have to wait for the post-production process to end. The Umbrella Academy is a series that needs a lot of VFX, so we’re probably looking at a process of 7-8 months right now. This leaves us with a 2022 release date. The Umbrella Academy season 3 will probably be released around early-mid 2022.

To clarify, there’s nothing officially announced about the release date right now. We’re only making assumptions based on what we know, and this gives ideas as to when to expect the new season. Though we can make better predictions after the crew wraps up filming, we’d still have to rely on Netflix to announce an official release date. So, we wait.

The Umbrella Academy season 3 episode titles

One thing we know about the new season of The Umbrella Academy is its episodes. The third season will have ten episodes and they’re going to be released altogether. We also know what those episodes will be called, thanks to the event at Netflix Geeked Week.

  • 1: Meet The Family
  • 2: World’s Biggest Ball of Twine
  • 3: Pocket Full of Lightning
  • 4: Kugelblitz
  • 5: Kindest Cut
  • 6: Marigold
  • 7: Auf Wiedersehen
  • 8: Wedding at the End of the World
  • 9: Six Bells
  • 10: Oblivion

If you’re impatient to know more about season 3, we’ve got your back. While waiting for Netflix to announce something solid – perhaps even share a teaser, you can have a look at our compilation of The Umbrella Academy season 3 photos.

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