The Walking Dead Season 10 not coming to Netflix in July 2021

The Walking Dead Season 10 not coming to Netflix in July 2021

The Walking Dead season 10 will be on Netflix this July. When is it going to premiere? The Walking Dead is one of the longest zombies shows ever. It has been available on various channels and platforms up until now. Right now, you can watch the nine seasons of the series on Netflix as well, with more on the way.

Although The Walking Dead is on Netflix, we have to wait for the new installments to land on the streaming platform after their original releases. The tenth season was released on AMC between October 2019 – April 2021. Four months after the finish, we’re still waiting for the tenth season to come to Netflix. Moreover, the ninth season came to Netflix in September 2019, so the wait has almost been two years for The Walking Dead viewers on Netflix. It’s coming to an end, though.

Fortunately, we’re finally going to see the tenth season on Netflix. The reason for the long wait is probably related to the pandemic. The earlier seasons came to Netflix each September, but things are not the same because of the pandemic now. But, at least we have a release date in our hands.

The Walking Dead season 10 Netflix release date

Netflix recently announced the release date for The Walking Dead season 10. It was spotted on the list of Netflix‘s July 2021 releases. The tenth season of The Walking Dead will make its way to the other platforms on July 26th, 2021. There’s not much left until you can binge-watch it on Netflix.

What about The Walking Dead season 11?

The long-lasting post-apocalyptic series is coming to an end for good with season 11. They will start releasing episodes of season 11 each week on August 22nd, but it’ll take some time until we can watch it on Netflix. The eleventh season is planned to make its finale the next year, so it’s best we just wait for the tenth season right now.

The Walking Dead special episodes

The producers are going to release a limited series of special episodes before they start releasing season 11. It’s called The Walking Dead: Origins. The special mini-series will focus on the series’ most prominent characters’ stories with each episode. They’ll start releasing the specials on AMC next week with Daryl’s story. After that, we’ll see Maggie’s and Negan’s stories on July 22nd and 29th, respectively. The specials are going to come to an end on August 5th, with Carol’s story. We don’t know when the special episodes will come to Netflix.

  • Daryl’s Story – July 15
  • Maggie’s Story – July 22
  • Negan’s Story – July 29
  • Carol’s Story – August 5

While waiting for The Walking Dead season 10 will release this year on Netflix, you can check out its trailer below.

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