Best Meganne Young Movies and Series on Netflix Right Now

Best Meganne Young Movies and Series on Netflix Right Now

Let’s check out some of the best movies and series that the popular actress Meganne Young played in.

Meganne Young is an actress most famously known for her role as Rachel in The Kissing Booth. However, the talented star has a lot of other brilliant roles. Young starred in many other TV series and movies and you can watch some of them on Netflix.

If you want to watch some Meganne Young movies or series on Netflix, we made a list for you. Here are the five best productions that Meganne Young starred in. Note that The Kissing Booth is not on the list because of its IMDb rating, still, you can check that one out, too.


You might be a little bit surprised at that because Meganne Young is not at all a prominent star in Supernatural. Still, she played a role in the popular long-lasting series. She plays the role of Lydia Crawford.

Supernatural is currently on Netflix, but it is not going to be on the streamer forever. Reports say that Netflix has around four years left to stream the series. So, Supernatural might depart from Netflix around 2025. Still, you’ve got plenty of time to binge-watch until it leaves.

Black Sails

Young plays the role of Abigail Ashe in this adventure-drama series. Black Sails is inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel Treasure Island, but the series tells of prior events.

You can currently watch all of the three seasons of Black Sails on Netflix.

Saints & Strangers

Saints & Strangers is a historical drama that tells of the struggle between New England’s pilgrims and native Americans. As for Young’s role, she plays Priscilla Mullins, a popular member of Plymouth Colony of Pilgrims.

Saints & Strangers only has two episodes and you can watch them on Netflix right now.

Legends of Tomorrow

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, or shortly Legends of Tomorrow, is a DC superhero series. It is still ongoing. The role Meganne Young plays is Zelda Fitzgerald in the Arrowverse. Throughout the series, she only stars in one episode in season 4.

You can watch all of the six seasons of Legends of Tomorrow on Netflix. More on the way.

The Giver

The Giver is an interesting drama/sci-fi movie that runs for an hour and 37 minutes. In the movie, a young boy is chosen to learn from an elderly man about the true pain and pleasure of the “real” world. That’s because the world they’re living in is seemingly perfect, it does not have wars, consequences, pain, or suffering. The movie is based on a novel of the same name and its cast includes Taylor Swift.

Meganne Young’s role in The Giver is Bride. Check out the movie’s trailer below.

Those were some of the best Meganne Young movies and series that you can watch on Netflix right now. Note that there are a lot of other productions such as The Kissing Booth and Blood Drive. Some of them were just not good enough according to the critics and some of them are not on Netflix.

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