Best Series to Binge-Watch on Netflix Right Now in 2021

Best Series to Binge-Watch on Netflix Right Now in 2021

Want to watch some bangers on Netflix, but want them to continue this year? We’ve got your back. Here are some of the most popular Netflix series that’ll give us their new seasons in 2021.

The popular streaming service has a huge library consisting of various contents. We have some classic movies, documentaries, interactive shows, and beloved Netflix Originals. The Original series such as Stranger Things, Ozark, and Virgin River are immensely popular and fans are waiting for their new installments. Not only that, but those shows are getting more and more famous every day. If you’re among those looking for some good series to watch on Netflix, you can check out the list below. We listed some of the best shows with new seasons coming in 2021.

The Witcher (Season 2)

The Witcher is a fantastic action series that’s based on the novels by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski.

Geralt of Rivia, portrayed by Henry Cavill, will be back on screens to show us how he’ll connect with Ciri in the second season of The Witcher.

The first season was received quite well in December 2019.

The second season of The Witcher is coming to Netflix on December 17th, 2021. You can give the first season a shot if you haven’t already.

You (Season 3)

Fans of the popular series You are waiting for Joe Goldberg back.

Fortunately, the filming of the third season is already a wrap.

You season 3 is coming to Netflix in Q4 2021. More precisely, we expect a release in October. November is less likely -still possible- but December seems impossible at that point. We’ll see.

Money Heist (Season 5)

Money Heist is a Spanish Netflix series about a group of criminals that tries to hit the Spanish Royal Mint.

The long-lasting run of the criminal mastermind and his robber team is coming to an end with a hopefully satisfying finale.

Money Heist season 5 will be split into two parts, each with five episodes.

The first part is going to launch on September 3rd, 2021. The second part is coming to Netflix on December 3rd, 2021.

Lucifer (Season 6)

The devil will be charming the fans with the final season of Lucifer.

The series will say goodbye to screens for good this time.

After a number of surprise renewals, Lucifer season 6 will mark the end of the long-lasting series.

Lucifer season 6 is coming to Netflix on September 10th, 2021.

Cobra Kai (Season 4)

Netflix’s popular martial art series will be back with a new set of installments this December.

Starring Courtney Henggeler, Mary Mouser, and Tanner Buchanan, Cobra Kai is a pretty popular show.

The new season will probably be released on December 31st, 2021. However, the only certainty right now is a December release.

Sex Education (Season 3)

Sex Education is another popular Netflix series that’s coming with a new season this year.

After a lot of rumors going on, Netflix announced a release date for the highly-anticipated new season.

Sex Education season 3 will be released on September 17th, 2021.

Extra: Stranger Things (Season 4)

Stranger Things is a series that needs no introduction. Telling of the paranormal activities that a group of teenagers goes through in the 1980s, the show has a huge fan base.

There are currently three seasons of it and the fourth season is on the way.

Apparently, the crew is on the verge of finishing filming for the new season. The release date is confirmed for 2022.

The most possible release date for Stranger Things season 4 is around April-May 2022. Even though it’s not in 2021, you can give it a try if you haven’t already. You have plenty of time to binge-watch all three seasons before the release of the fourth one.

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