Call Of Duty Has A New Mode That Looks A Lot Like ‘Among Us’

Call Of Duty Has A New Mode That Looks A Lot Like ‘Among Us’

The Call of Duty franchise has never been afraid of trying something new or following a trend. We saw this when Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare added an incredibly popular multiplayer mode and we saw it again when Call of Duty: Black Ops III added a battle royale mode. They might not invent the wheel, but they definitely take a popular concept and try to improve on it.

We may see that once again with Call of Duty entering a space we’re not used to seeing: party games. One of the most popular party games ever, Among Us, blew up in 2020 when everyone needed something to do with their friends online amid the pandemic. Call of Duty is clearly trying to emulate the success of Among Us with its new “Double Agent” mode. The trailer showcases players trying to capture other players that want to sabotage from within. A lot of the game seems based on communication among the group, which was a key to the success of Among Us and makes it such a fun party game.

Where Among Us and Double Agents might differ, however, is there appears to be more roles than just regular players and those looking to sabotage everything in the latter. The trailer features the “investigator” role that can assist players and give hints on who is trying to sabotage the group. If anything, this seems more reminiscent of the popular “Trouble in Terrorist Town” from Garry’s Mod than Among Us, but it’s hard to not feel like this wouldn’t exist if Among Us hadn’t gotten so popular in 2020.

How fun Double Agents will be is going to be like any other party game in that it depends on the group playing it. Any game can be fun with the right group of people, but even the best games can be boring if nobody is into it. Anyone with an old Among Us squad that also enjoys Call of Duty may want to give this a try when the new game mode launches on August 12.