Control Z season 3 release date updates: Will there be a new season?

Control Z season 3 release date updates: Will there be a new season?

After watching the second season of Netflix’s Mexican high-school drama Control Z, fans are eagerly waiting for a season 3. Let’s check out if the new season is happening, and when to expect it.

Control Z tells of a Mexican high school where a hacker reveals the secrets of the students. This, in turn, leads to conflicts among the students, and the events take a chaotic turn. All the while, an introverted and inspective student named Sofia tries to figure out what’s happening and who’s behind all this.

The first season of Control Z made its way to Netflix in May 2020. Even though it was not a smash-hit compared to other Netflix Originals, the series managed to get a loyal fanbase around it. The second season launched in August 2021.

Fans wonder when we can see the new season of Control Z on Netflix – if it’s ever going to happen, that is. Let’s see if a renewal can happen and when to expect the new season to drop.

Control Z season 3 renewal status

Currently, Netflix hasn’t canceled nor confirmed Control Z for season 3. This means there’s nothing official yet, so there might or might not be a new season for Control Z.

As you might guess, it all boils down to the statistics. If the second season of Control Z is successful enough for Netflix, they can renew it for a second season. However, it doesn’t seem like Control Z is a huge hit at Netflix. So, we’re not that hopeful for a next season, though it is still possible.

Traditionally, Netflix announces new seasons a month after the releases. The latest season of Control Z was released on August 4th. So, you can expect the renewal around the 4th of September.

Netflix will probably share the news with us on its social media channels, so try to have an eye on those. We’ll be sure to update you if something new happens regarding Control Z season 3.

So yeah, season 3 might or might not be a reality. If it happens, when can we expect it to come out?

Control Z season 3 possible release date

Usually, it’s a year of work for Netflix to film, post-produce, and release a season. Filming takes around six months and post-production takes around the same. Things can slip up a bit, too, so it’s best to assume the worst.

Therefore, if they start working on Control Z season 3 around October 2021, you can expect the new season to drop around Q3-Q4 2022.

What to expect from Control Z season 3?


When we look at the storyline of the series, it looks like the foundation for a third season is ready. That’s because there were a lot of unanswered questions at the end of season 2. We still don’t know how Natalia will end up or how the love triangle between Sofia, Raul, and Javier will take a shape. We still want to learn how Quantanilla‘s marriage will go on after the dark secret is finally out. Now that Susana is seemingly dead, too, he is probably on an emotional roller-coaster. So yeah, there are a lot of things to touch on if Control Z a third season happens.

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