‘Dead By Daylight’ Will Be Removing The Ability To Purchase DLC From ‘Stranger Things’ In November

‘Dead By Daylight’ Will Be Removing The Ability To Purchase DLC From ‘Stranger Things’ In November

Dead by Daylight is one of the more underappreciated multiplayer games out there. While the majority of multiplayer titles are shooters or battle royales, Dead by Daylight is a competitive horror game. A team of four go up against a single killer, and attempt to escape from whatever map they’re on while the killer will stalk around in an effort to slay them before that can happen.

However, what really makes Dead by Daylight so fun is the crossovers. The developers of the game have done an incredible job at not only creating interesting unique characters for their game but bringing in horror movie icons such as Jason, Freddy Krueger, and Michael Myers. They’ve even brought in some famous horror game characters like Pyramid Head and Heather from Silent Hill or Nemesis and Leon from Resident Evil. One of the more popular crossovers though was the introduction of Stranger Things. Since 2019, players have been able to pay and unlock Stranger Things characters Steve Harrington, Nancy Wheeler, and The Demogorgon as playable characters. They’ve also had access to outfits and even a map.

Unfortunately, all of this will soon be going away. The developers of Dead by Daylight announced in a recent blog that all of their Stranger Things content will soon be removed from the game. Players will still be able to utilize characters from the game they’ve already paid for, but unfortunately, the Stranger Things themed map will not continue to be in rotation. Anything in relation to Stranger Things will no longer be available for purchase in November and they’re selling all its DLC content at 50% off so anyone that hasn’t gotten it yet should do so soon.

In September of 2019 Dead by Daylight welcomed one the most popular original horror properties of the last decade into the Fog with the Stranger Things Chapter.

Now, after two years filled with more brutal kills and last-second escapes than we can count courtesy of The Demogorgon, Nancy Wheeler, and Steve Harrington, November 17, 2021, will mark the last occasion for fans to purchase Stranger Things content in Dead by Daylight.

Leading up to this date we’ll be celebrating the heroes and horrors of Hawkins with a blowout sale on all Stranger Things characters and cosmetics. If you’ve already purchased any of our Stranger Things content – fret not! – it’s yours to keep for as long as you continue to play Dead by Daylight. If you’ve had your eye on any character or outfit you still want to add to your collection, now’s the time to scoop them up at an amazing discount.

This is really unfortunate for a lot of reasons. One of them being that fans of Stranger Things are losing out on some of the content that was in the game. The other side of this is that it’s a bummer to see them removing content that some people have already paid for. While it’s cool that we can continue to play as the characters, nobody is happy about losing an entire map.

The reason for why everything is being removed was not given but it likely has something to do with licensing, which is one of the downsides of such crossovers as once a licensing agreement runs out, if a new one can’t be reached, fans end up as the ones who lose out.