How many episodes will Stranger Things season 4 have?

How many episodes will Stranger Things season 4 have?

Fans are curious about many things about Stranger Things season 4, with its episode count being one of them. They want to get a good amount of entertainment following such a long wait, after all.

Ever since Netflix released Stranger Things season 3, we’ve been waiting for new episodes of the popular sci-fi series. However, due to the pandemic and the scale of the new season, the wait has been quite long up until now. While it normally takes 1-2 years between the releases, we will probably have been waiting for around three years when season 4 launches. So, fans want to watch as much as they can when Stranger Things season 4 is available on Netflix.

That’s why fans wonder about the episode count of Stranger Things season 4, as well as many other details about it. So, let’s wrap out the things you might want to know.

How many episodes will Stranger Things season 4 have?

Stranger Things season 4 is going to have 9 episodes.

That much we know thanks to the tweet that the Duffer brothers shared with us. We also know the title of the first episode, The Hellfire Club.

However, there are many false rumors surrounding the title of the new episodes. While the first episode is named The Hellfire Club, all of the other titles shared on social media are fake. Well, given how desperate fans were to see any news about the new season, it’s no surprise they would try to find anything to talk about.

Still, we’re pretty close to a wrap on the production. David Harbour previously revealed that they were planning to wrap up the season in August. Many actors are finishing their scenes one by one. To add to the ordeal, we now have an official announcement about the release date.

It will not come as a surprise if we get a new teaser and new updates soon. Those updates can also include the titles of all the episodes.

So yeah, we’ll have nine episodes in total in Stranger Things 4 and the first episode is titled The Hellfire Club. When are those new installments coming to Netflix, though?

What is the release date of Stranger Things season 4?

We previously didn’t know anything except for an “hopefully” 2022 release date by Finn Wolfhard.

With the latest sneak peek video, Netflix confirmed a 2022 release for Stranger Things season 4.

Still, 2022 is pretty broad and we want something narrower.

The filming is probably coming to an end this August. It usually takes 6-8 months to tackle a post-production process. When we take into account the VFX that Stranger Things needs, we can say it’s going to take more than usual.

So, we expect a March-April 2022 release for Stranger Things season 4. It can be slightly sooner or later, but the release will most likely be around that period.

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