Lost in Space season 3 release date: When is the new season coming?

Lost in Space season 3 release date: When is the new season coming?

Many fans have been waiting for a release date for Lost in Space season 3 since the second season debuted.

Lost in Space may not be the most popular work among all those Netflix Originals. Still, it has a pretty loyal fan base. Telling of the events after a family crashlands on an alien planet, Lost in Space portrays its premise with its title.

The series made its debut on Netflix in April 2018. It was quickly followed by a renewal and the second season was released in December 2019, just when the pandemic was starting to affect the whole world.

We got a renewal for season 3 back in March 2020.

However, the restrictions made it difficult for the crew to film productively. Under normal circumstances, we would expect the new season to be released a year after the filming starts. That would be around March-April 2021 but for the pandemic. Under current circumstances, we expected the new season to drop around this August. Nevertheless, Lost in Space season 3 isn’t coming to Netflix in August 2021.

So, when can we expect the new season of Lost in Space to drop? Let’s check out what we currently know about it.

What is the possible release date of Lost in Space season 3?

We already know that the new season is a wrap. The filming is completely done and we’re just waiting for the post-production process to end.

Usually, the post-production takes around 6-8 months based on the series. It presumably takes longer with a series like Lost in Space because it needs more VFX than usual.

Still, it’s pretty unusual not to get any teaser or trailer up until now. It’s almost been eight months since the wrap and we still don’t have an official release date.

At least, they previously announced that the new season would be released in 2021. As August is completely off the book and September does not seem likely, as we don’t even have a teaser, the best option for Netflix is to release the season in Q4 2021. This means you can expect Lost in Space season 3 to drop in October, November, or December 2021.

When we look at December, we see that Netflix has a lot of bangers lined up. Money Heist’s last part, The Witcher’s new season, and Cobra Kai’s new season are all coming this December. As the streaming platform would want to give each of them time to be watched, we don’t expect a new big season to come in December.

November is not as stacked as December. It is a more likely release window. However, we don’t think the crew is going to take that long to give us the season.

So, the most plausible release window for Lost in Space season 3 is October 2021. It might slip into November, too, but we don’t expect a December 2021 release. If Netflix wants to surprise us with an early release, September 2021 seems possible, too. It’s just not very likely, but we will see.

Currently, we only have official confirmation on a 2021 release. We’ll see when in 2021 they can finally give the fans the new season.

Is there going to be more seasons for Lost in Space?

Unfortunately, not. Lost in Space is coming to an end after season 3.

The producers and the writers planned the series to consist of three seasons. It was meant to be a trilogy all the way from the start. So, we’ll get a satisfying ending to the Robinsons’ saga with the final season.

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