Rams Fans Got In A Massive Brawl During Their Preseason Opener

Rams Fans Got In A Massive Brawl During Their Preseason Opener

Since fans returned to stadiums and arenas earlier this year, we’ve seen what has felt like a lot more fights in the stands than usual. From the NBA to MLB and now the NFL, fans seem a bit too amped up to be back in the building for sporting events and some of that energy you can get away with talking wild online with strangers doesn’t fly in person.

Typically these fights happen between different fan bases, but on Saturday night in Los Angeles, the crosstown rivalry between the Rams and Chargers saw a brawl break out between internally in one group of supporters. At some point, a group of Rams fans got into it, with initially a lot of chestiness and talk before a beer thrown from behind sparked what became a massive, section-wide ruckus.

Trying to go 1-on-4 unsurprisingly didn’t work well for the man in the Aaron Donald jersey, as he started out throwing wild haymakers and somewhat holding his own before the damned numbers game (TM, Good Ol’ JR) just became too much and he got pulled over a row of seats to get absolutely pummeled.

That this happened at a preseason game of all things, when the Rams weren’t playing anyone of consequence makes this brawl even more incredible, because what are you even getting into heated arguments about? The brawl probably had nothing to do with football, but it is funny to imagine this all started because of a debate over who should win the 53rd roster spot between a fourth-string guard or a linebacker who is a special teams ace.