Record of Ragnarok Season 2 Not Coming to Netflix in August 2021

Record of Ragnarok Season 2 Not Coming to Netflix in August 2021

The beloved anime series Record of Ragnarok will not be returning to Netflix with season 2 in August 2021. Is the hit anime series renewed?

Netflix continues to expand its massive library with lots of new anime series and amazing adaptations. One of them is the hit anime series Record of Ragnarok, which managed to gain a huge fanbase both as a manga and as original net animation series.

Here’s the official synopsis of the anime by Netflix:

“The curtain opens on the ultimate showdown between gods and humans from across the globe whose 13 one-on-one battles will determine the survival of mankind. This mega-hit manga finally gets an anime adaptation.”

The first season of the anime landed on Netflix back in June 2021. So it has been almost two months since we watched the first installment. Naturally, fans are waiting for the next chapter of the series to hit the platform. What will happen in the new season and when is it coming?

What will happen in Record of Ragnarok season 2?

The plot of the hit anime revolves around celestial tournaments between Gods and Humans. The reason behind the duels is the Gods’ decision of deeming humankind as unworthy. Yet a valkyrie confronts the Gods’ Council and says that humans deserve another chance. To decide the future of their kind, Humans confront Gods in 13 duels with the help of valkyries in the form of weapons.

The brilliant story of the anime series includes the most iconic characters from myths and epics. The series also introduces famous historical figures like Rasputin, Nicola Tesla, Leonidas, Jack the Ripper, and the first human Adam. Mythological figures like Thor, Zeus, Ares, Shiva, Odin, Bishamonten, and many others are also in the series. Although the story of the anime seems quite interesting, Record of Ragnarok managed to get a score of %65 from audience reviews. With that said, there is also a massive fanbase waiting to hear that the series is renewed for the next season.

Record of Ragnarok Season 2 Release Date

Netflix has not made any comments or announcements regarding a release date. We also know that the streaming giant has not renewed the series yet. Though most of the fans believe that Netflix will greenlight the show and release another season. We also believe that the story definitely has potential and we would like to see what will happen in the new episodes.

How many episodes will be in season 2?

The first season consisted of 12 episodes. Each episode lasted about 25 minutes. Provided that Netflix renews the series for another season, the number of episodes will probably be the same. We would like to see more of the divine duels between powerful humans and gods, of course. But for that, the leading streamer has to confirm the show especially after the battle between Kojiro and Poseidon.

Is there a trailer video of the anime series?

There isn’t any teaser or trailer video concerning a new season. So we only have the trailer video of the first season that you can watch below.

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