Stranger Things Season 4: Photos of Its Original Character Follow Up

Stranger Things Season 4: Photos of Its Original Character Follow Up

New Stranger Things season 4 photos reveal some exciting details. It seems that the series is trying to tease its best cast member team between the series.

Stranger Things season 3 featured a wild finale and everyone waiting for the upcoming season. Joyce, and Jim Hopper, faced off against Russians, while Eleven and her friends took on Mind Flayer. Despite the Russians and the Monster being defeated, it is not without losses. After standing up against the Mind Flayer that was once controlling him, Billy dies. His sister Max watched in horror as his brother was defeated by the Mind Flayer. Hopper also disappears after Joyce closes the portal to the Upside Down. However, Netflix later revealed that Hopper somehow ended up in a Russian prison camp. The season ends with Eleven becoming powerless and leaving Hawkins with the Byers family.

New set photos hint at an exciting gathering, proving that the wait is worth it. Stranger Things also builds on its solid pairings. Season 2 saw Steve, and Dustin forms a funny bromance. This continued into season 3. The following season stepped up the pairing, adding Robin, an ice-cream-slinging and Russian-message-decoding breath of fresh air. Season 4 sees Dustin and Steve join the group, and Stranger Things set photos show Max and Nancy. The trailer teases the cast members with Lucas, joining as well.

Why were Stranger Things postponed too many times?

The fourth season of Stranger Things has been plagued by delays. Filming was halted too many times due to the pandemic. A new teaser trailer now indicates that the show will not arrive until 2022. The delay had an unexpected positive side. Producer Shawn Levy said that the Stranger Things delay helped make the season more enjoyable. The Duffer Brothers, creators of Stranger Things, were able to write the entire season without having to wait. The show’s quality may have been improved by the extra time, which allowed it to be edited and changed before production actually began that.

This group brings a new dynamic and energy to the Stranger Things cast members. In season 2 of Stranger Things sees Max bringing a new dynamic to the show, skating into Hawkins town with attitude. Although Max was grieving for her brother in season 3 she felt helpless, Billy has done nothing but hold Max back and often treated her horribly. Max could be the same as Robin, who in season 3 gave Dustin and Steve new energy. All cast members could also help Nancy feel rejuvenated. However, we also saw in the season 2 character trying to win justice for Barb, while season 3 saw her struggling too much. Nancy was able to have some fun in season 4 by teaming up with Steve, Robin, and Max.

Netflix is also so careful when the subject coming to the Stranger Things spoilers. The new sneak peek has always done a great job of hiding the storylines. The trailer and images seem to tease the new team-up. However, it isn’t clear if the grouping is for short scenes or a larger season 4 synopsis and details. Stranger Things season 4 also coming to Netflix in 2022. You can watch the latest sneak peek video below!

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