Tim Tebow’s ‘Blocking’ Got A Lot Of People Talking After His First Preseason Game As A Tight End

Tim Tebow’s ‘Blocking’ Got A Lot Of People Talking After His First Preseason Game As A Tight End

While Trevor Lawrence’s first appearance in a game for the Jacksonville Jaguars was a struggle, perhaps no one had a worse time than his tight end in his first ever game at the position. Former quarterback and minor league baseball player Tim Tebow is trying his hand at the position this year, and his first game with the Jags saw one play in particular go viral on Saturday night.

According to the Associated Press recap of Jacksonville’s 23-13 preseason loss to the Cleveland Browns, Tebow was “cheered every time he stepped onto the field.” And he almost had a catch! But despite years of talk about how Tebow’s body type would make for a great tight end, at 34 years old he struggled to find his way in an entirely new position.

One clip in particular made the rounds on Saturday, as Tebow showed pretty brutal technique on a blocking attempt and then somehow ended up blocking his own player.

That got a lot of reaction from people who were skeptical of Tebow playing tight end in the first place.

Even Shannon Sharpe got into the mix.

A single grainy highlight of Tebow weakly attempting to throw a block and then planting his helmet into his guard’s chest may be an oversimplification of his abilities and potential at the position. But so, too, is it an oversimplification to assume an out-of-work quarterback and struggling minor league baseball player can become a professional tight end in the National Football League.

How long this experiment lasts is entirely up to Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer, which means that it may last longer than it should based on his aptitude on the field. But no matter how many cheers Tebow gets, the results to justify a roster spot may be tough to come by over the next few weeks.