Virgin River season 4 starts filming: When to expect the release?

Virgin River season 4 starts filming: When to expect the release?

Virgin River season 4 has started filming even though there isn’t currently an official renewal. Here’s what we can expect from the future of the new season.

Virgin River is a feel-good drama series that’s among somewhat popular Netflix Originals. It tells of a young nurse practitioner who moves far away for a new job.

The series made its debut on Netflix back in December 2019. The second season made its way to the streamer in November 2020. The latest season was released on July 9th, 2021. Ever since the third season started to air, fans are waiting for the new installments of Virgin River. They want the cliffhangers at the end of the third season to be solved.

Previously, we had some reports that hinted at the start of the production just around now. That being said, we didn’t have an official confirmation from Netflix about Virgin River season 4. Still, everybody knows it’s almost a no-brainer for Netflix to renew Virgin River for season 4, given the popularity of the show.

Well, the time has come, and they started filming. According to the reports, the filming is planned to end in November 2021. Even if the schedule can slip up a bit, we don’t expect the production to wrap in 2022. Given all that, it’s time to have a look at when we can expect the renewal to be official and the new season to drop.

Is Virgin River renewed for season 4?

Well, both yes and no. That’s because they already started filming the new season. However, there’s no official announcement of a new season.

Still, an official renewal announcement is probably coming very soon. That’s because Netflix usually takes a month after the release to announce the new seasons. It’s exactly been a month after the release and they even started filming. So, we expect Netflix to officially announce the next season of Virgin River any time now.

After the renewal, we’ll start wondering when the new season can be with us. Frankly, we’re already waiting for it. Let’s dive in and see when to expect Virgin River season 4 to be released.

Virgin River season 4 release date

At Netflix, the filming and the post-production processes of the series take usually a year. Virgin River is in line with that situation, too. The first and the second seasons were released at a one-year interval. The third season came out a bit delayed because of the pandemic, though.

As the filming process started for Virgin River‘s next season and we don’t even have to guess when it’s finishing, we have a pretty good projection of what’s to come. The new season will be a wrap by the end of 2021. The post-production of Virgin River shouldn’t take too long given its lack of visual effects.

Therefore, we project Virgin River season 4 to come to Netflix around April 2022. It might be a later or sooner than that. However, we don’t expect a release later than August 2021. Summer 2022 seems possible.

We’ll have to wait for the crew to take their time filming before an official release date announcement.

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