We learned a lot from the Stranger Things season 4 trailer

We learned a lot from the Stranger Things season 4 trailer

Netflix has released a sneak preview trailer for Stranger Things season 4. It revealed some clues but mostly showed that they are close to finishing their final product. This preview is intended to please fans following delays due to COVID-19 and the production of large-scale effects by a small crew. The team also announced that season 4 will premiere in 2022.

Since season 3 was released on the 4th July holiday in 2019, it has been a nearly three-year wait. Hopper was reportedly dead at the end of season 3, and the Byer family added Eleven to their home, as well as moving away from Hawkins. There was hope when a Russian penitentiary claimed to have an American in their custody, which we all assumed was Jim Hopper. The first trailer, last year confirmed that Jim Hopper survived the apparent fatal blast, and was instead being held by Russians halfway around the globe.

Here’s what we know from Stranger Things season 4 sneak peek teaser trailer

Was Eleven Captured?

The trailer shows Eleven being held captive by two men wearing suits. Is Eleven finally being held against her will by two men in suits? Hopper was told to keep low and Eleven was not feeling well. However, it was possible to keep their family from the radar of the lab to prevent her from being captured. Hopper is no longer with us, so the government might have found its secret weapon.

Are the children on a new mission?

Nancy’s silhouette appears in a darkened room during the trailer. The rest of the gang is seen walking around in flashlights in a house on what appears to be the same day. Eleven is the only one who seems to be out of the loop. Will the children save Eleven from this lab?

Jim Hopper with his new gun

Hopper, now bald, appears in a doorway holding what looks like a flamethrower. This may be an indication of Hopper’s escape out of his Russian prison. Hopper could have taken a gun from prison to make his escape.

The Hawkins Cheerleaders

In a cheer pose, a group of cheerleaders in orange and green are seen. Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Dustin will probably be in high school. We can only assume that this clip is from a school event because no one is identifiable in the group.

Who was the one who crashed their car into something?

Also, the trailer features a silhouette of a boy who looks exactly like Will Byers and watches a burning car. It looks like night because the car is parked in the middle of the road.

Joyce and Jonathan were they in the car when it crashed? This could be an indication of Eleven’s capture. Did Will Byers manage to escape a car accident?

Is Eleven’s Papa back in the picture?

Eleven can also be seen peering into a facility’s room. We only see a small part of Eleven’s face in the trailer. However, it’s almost impossible to believe she’s wearing her buzzcut which makes this scene a flashback.

However, Doctor Brenner will still be around. Another trailer featured his voice calling for Eleven. Remember the horror movie code of dead people. Don’t assume that they are dead if you haven’t seen the body.

Stranger Things Season 4 is about to end

Upside Down activity is the only thing that trailers haven’t teased. Let’s hope those are the parts Netflix won’t tease before the show airs. Hopper is not the only exception to this rule. The Demogorgon will be a problem at some point in the season.

We also just learned that David Harbour said Season 4 was his favorite season because of the way they went overboard. He said that this season was setting up the way for a definitive end. They have also indicated that the Duffer Brothers are plotting for the endgame.

Stranger Things, as beautiful as it is, was not meant to last as long as other TV series. The Duffer Brothers knew from the beginning how the show would end, and they didn’t want to keep producing seasons without an end in sight.

This almost confirms that we will at least get season 5. Unfortunately, now Strangers Things season 4 is still not available on Netflix. We can assume that the premiere date of Strangers Things Season 4 will coincide with a 1986 holiday or event. You can watch the Stranger Things season 4 sneak peek trailer below!

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