What time is Control Z season 2 coming to Netflix?

What time is Control Z season 2 coming to Netflix?

Netflix’s popular Mexican drama finally returns with a new season. Control Z season 2 will make its way to Netflix on August 4th. The only thing we need to know right now is its exact release time.

Ever since its initial release in May 2020, we’ve been waiting for the second season of Control Z. Telling of a dramatic high-school environment, the series is a perfect fit for Elite fans.

Netflix announced the release date of the second season three weeks ago. After that, we saw the official trailer for the next season. Now that we’re very close to its release date, which is August 4th, it’s time to check out when exactly we can watch the new season of Control Z.

Control Z season 2 exact release time

Control Z season 2 is going to be on Netflix at 3:01 a.m. EDT (UTC -4), August 4th. If you’re so eager to watch the new season of Control Z, you might as well stay up for it, depending on your time zone.

You can find out when the new season will be available wherever you are by comparing your respective time zone to EDT. For example, the second season will come to Netflix exactly at midnight in the Pacific Time.

Whenever the new season will be ready, we’re sure we’re underway for a great one. Let’s see what we can expect from the second season of Control Z. Fortunately, we pretty much know what to expect from it. Beware, spoilers for season 1 ahead!

What will happen in Control Z season 2?

Unfortunately, Luis is dead, but someone presumably close to him is trying to take revenge. Students receive a video from Luis’ social media accounts at his funeral, and the video shows Luis saying “Deliver Gerry to me.” Gerry is the bully who beat Luis to death, for those who cannot quite recall. Even though Gerry is not happy with what he did after learning the identity of the real hacker, who is Raul, the bully is in big trouble.

Javier was in a very critical situation at the end of the first season. We didn’t know whether he was dead or not after the brutal ending. The trailer shows us Javier is alive, which is a relief for the fans. Upon coming back from death, he’s pretty popular with his friends.

Sofia and Javier will try to find out who the new hacker is while a lot of romance, passion, drama, and party will surround the new season of Netflix’s Mexican drama. We do not have much longer to wait until the release of Control Z season 2.

Check out the new season’s official trailer and Netflix synopsis below.

“It’s a new semester at el Colegio Nacional, and it seems like everyone has all but forgotten Luís. That is until an unknown person takes over Luis’s social media and starts threatening revenge on those who made his life a living hell. Once again, it’s up to Sofía to figure out who the culprit is, as each act of revenge escalates and changes our characters’ lives forever.”

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