Alexis Skyy Claps Back At Check Bouncing Claims

Alexis Skyy Claps Back At Check Bouncing Claims

Alexis Skyy has responded to claims from a former salon worker that her check once bounced.

“Unfortunately for me, I had the great experience, amazing experience, working at place called Lux Salon that is owned by Alexis Skyy. I do not know the current status of the salon if it’s still running, if it’s still open or not,” the former employee said. She says the salon paid below minimum wage. When she went to get her final check and cash it, it bounced.

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Alexis responded: “Mentally I just can’t take this no more. I don’t want no one working for me ever again truthfully I hire people to handle things for me because I have a million things going on in a day man, & when sh*t happen obv who it’s falls on me. ! Yes it’s my buisness but what is the point of me paying people to run stuff.”


Alexis Responds to Akbar V Calling Daughter ‘Retarded’ (; 0:59)

“People want clout !!! & attention like y’all can have your one day of fame go head !” The public has responded in droves, advising Alexis to pay the woman for her two weeks of work to just be done with it. Swipe below to listen to the story and read through Alexis Skyy’s response.