Chicago Rapper Lil Durk Accused Of Cheating On India w/ Transgender!! (Pics)

Chicago Rapper Lil Durk Accused Of Cheating On India w/ Transgender!! (Pics)

Chicago Rapper, Lil Durk, is trending across social media after multiple reports surfaced claiming that there is “evidence” he was cheating on his baby’s mother India, with an alleged transgender.

MTO News reviewed the allegations against Durk, and we don’t know what to think. But where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire!

The drama started yesterday, when a woman in Atlanta captured video showing Durk on her Ring doorbell. According to social media reports, Durk was walking past her apartment, and the person’s ring camera activated.

Lil Durk In Chicago Hood w Jewelry – DIDNT GET ROBBED!!

Lil Durk In Chicago Hood w Jewelry (; 0:55)

It captured an image appearing to show Durk walking to another “woman’s” apartment, MTO News has learned.

But the same social media reports say that the “woman” whose apartment that Durk was walking to at night (at night ya’ll), was a trans-lady. MTO News was not able to confirm whether the woman was trans however.

But that hasn’t stopped Twitter from the wild speculation that the woman is transgender. Here’s the image of Durk walking to the alleged trans-lady’s apartment:

Shortly after reports of Durk and the trans lady went viral, Durk’s girlfriend and baby mama India deleted ALL images of Durk off her social media pages. This morning, India reposted a single pic of Durk, and entitled it “Dangerously In Love.”

Similarly, last night Durk immediately DELETED his entire Instagram. He later reactivated his IG, and posted a comment about how his love for India is “forever.”

MTO News reached out to representatives of Durk to explain what’s going on. So far, we haven’t heard back . . . .