Trans Sidney Starr Now EXPOSING Actor Taye Diggs . . . My ‘Straight Friend’!!

Trans Sidney Starr Now EXPOSING Actor Taye Diggs . . . My ‘Straight Friend’!!

Transgender IG model Sidney Starr made the news last week, when she claimed that she had a love affair, with actor Darius McRary, MTO News has learned. Darius has denied any type of physical relationship with Sidney – who still has all her male parts.

But a video leaked, showing the two kissing and grinding on each other, which appear to contradict Darius’ claims.

Eddie Winslow CAUGHT Kissing Trans-lady Sidney Starr!! (SHOCK Video) (; 0:15)

Well now Sidney appears to be exposing another popular Black male actor – Taye Diggs.

Sidney posted a picture of her canoodling with actor Taye Diggs. In the image – the two are cheek to cheek, and Taye appears to be holding Sidney close – with their pelvises pressed together.

Sidney called Taye a “straight man in the industry.”

In previous interviews, Sidney explained that while she is openly transgender, she considers herself a straight woman and prefers dating straight men.

In a recent interview with Vlad TV, Sidney told the interviewer, “I’m attracted to heterosexual men. I can’t do nothing with a gay boy.”

Taye Diggs has long been speculated to have dabbled in same sex relationships in the past. In 2015, he told TMZ cameras that he enjoyed “butt play” and suggested that he may have been a teenage prostitute. Watch: