You Need To See This Incredible 81-Yard Punt From SDSU’s Matt Araiza

You Need To See This Incredible 81-Yard Punt From SDSU’s Matt Araiza

Matt Araiza is the best player in college football you have likely never heard of unless you are a fan of San Diego State or a connoisseur of great punting. The Aztec two-way kicker/punter is one of the greatest special teams weapons in recent college football history, booming punts at an absurd 53 yard average that would be a record if he keeps it up.

On Saturday, he did his part to maintain that monstrous average with this 81 yard bomb against Air Force, taking full advantage of being in the altitude of Colorado Springs to show off his ridiculous leg.

Any time you can make a color commentator like Aaron Taylor gasp out loud on a punt and say “jeez,” you know you’ve done something special. That ball went 75 yards in the air and trundled out to 81 yards, as he pulled off the incredibly rare feat of not outkicking his coverage but outkicking the return man.

He also hit a 51-yard field goal for the Aztecs, because of course he did.

In case you thought that 75 yard carry was a fluke, please enjoy this 66 yard carry punt later in the game.

Or this 86 yard bomb (with some helpful roll) from last week.

So, yeah, San Diego State isn’t the most exciting offensive team in the country, but their games are worth some late night attention because when Araiza steps on the field it is show time.