Atlanta Man PULLS GUN On Carjacking Teen,  Lectures Him, Then Lets His Go!! (Video)

Atlanta Man PULLS GUN On Carjacking Teen,  Lectures Him, Then Lets His Go!! (Video)

A 14 year old Atlanta boy is lucky to have his life, after he tried to carjack the wrong one. MTO News has learned that the carjack victim managed to pull a handgun on the teen.

But instead of taking the young man’s life, he gave him a life lecture instead, and then let him go.

The purported victim left his car running, as he went inside a Texaco gas station in East Atlanta. When he returned to the car, he saw a 14 year old boy jump into his car, and attempt to steal it.

The man pulled out a handgun and ran down on the boy, before he could pull of in the brand new Mercedes.

Under Georgia law, the man had the right to fire his weapon, and use deadly force against the teenage carjacker. But he didn’t.

Instead he pulled the teen out of his car, and explained to the young man the dangers of the streets, MTO News confirmed.

After the lecture, the man allowed the teen to walk off, without any police intervention..

The man then took to Instagram to explain why he used restraint against the child, and why he didn’t call the police or press charges on the young man.

Here’s the video, showing the attempted carjacking – and the man explaining how he lectured the teen afterwards.

14 Year Old Teen Carjacker Neraly SHOT In Atlanta (; 5:00)