Blogger Accuses FBG Duck’s Mother Of ‘KILLING’ Her Own Daughter!!

Blogger Accuses FBG Duck’s Mother Of ‘KILLING’ Her Own Daughter!!

Chicago rapper FBG Duck’s mother has been all over social media, for the last two days – in all the wrong places.

Mama Duck lost her oldest two sons to gun violence. She also lost a younger daughter, 5 years ago in an accidental fire. In all she lost 3 of her 5 children.

This week, multiple bloggers began blaming Mama Duck – for the death of her kids.

First, a controversial New York blogger named Hassan Campbell made a video saying she’s a “terrible mother” for allowing her two eldest sons to be murdered. Both FBG Duck, and his brother were both grown men in their twenties when they were killed.

And yesterday Mama Duck decided to go on the controversial Tommy Sotomayer show. Tommy is a right wing conservative, who frequently preaches anti-Black, and in particular anti-Black women rhetoric.

FBG Duck

As soon as Mama Duck got on Tommy’s show, it quickly went left. MTO News learned that Tommy began suggesting that Mama Duck may have been responsible for her daughter dying in the fire.

Tommy can be heard screaming at the grooving mother, telling her “You’re mothering has caused you to lose 50% of your children.” And he added, “No one in my family has died from my actions.”

Mama Duck immediately asked Tommy, “They were grown when God took them. I did my job raising them.”

Tommy then responded with, “[Your daughter] who died in the fire was not grown.”

Tommy then went on to suggest that somehow Mama Duck may have done something to contribute to the child’s death.

Obviously there is no evidence to support anything that Tommy is saying. Sounds like he was just being cruel and hateful towards a grieving mother.


Blogger Accuses FBG Duck’s Mother Of ‘KILLING’ Her Own Daughter!! (; 2:05)