The Creator Of ‘Stardew Valley’ Has A New Game In Development Called ‘Haunted Chocolatier’

The Creator Of ‘Stardew Valley’ Has A New Game In Development Called ‘Haunted Chocolatier’

When Stardew Valley was released back in 2016 it became so much more than just a little farm game. It became one of the most popular games of the last decade with, thousands upon thousands downloading and playing the game so they could go work on their own little farm, make relationships, fall in love, and have a nice relaxing time. It’s a truly delightful game that took the concept of the old Harvest Moon games and ran with it to success. Most impressively? It was all made by just one guy, Eric Barone.

It’s been a long time since Barone released Stardew Valley and he hasn’t exactly slowed down. He’s released multiple updates, expansions, and the game has been ported to platforms beyond the PC. It’s a true hit and he would be completely justified to never make another video game. However, he announced back in 2018 that he would be forming a team to help him with the future production of Stardew Valley but also to give him time to work on a new game.

On Thursday, Barone finally revealed the new game he has been working on. ConcernedApe’s Haunted Chocolatier has a teaser trailer available for everyone to watch. It showcases a game that is very similar in aesthetic to Stardew Valley, but it’s also very clearly its own game. It features a much heavier emphasis on combat with players traveling through what looks like a portal to another world so they can gather resources. What are these resources being used for? Making chocolate of course. Barone explained his decision in a blog post at

Why chocolate? I’m not sure. It just kind of came to me. I think sometimes the best ideas just appear in a flash, instead of being cleverly thought out. That’s how I like to work, anyway. What’s important is the execution. And after 10 years of practice, I feel more confident than ever in being able to bring an idea to life.

Regardless, I think a lot of people like chocolate.

A lot of people do like chocolate, and the possibility of making chocolate in this new world that is very Stardew Valley in style but has its own mysteries to it is an exciting one. We have no idea when the game is going to be released, and neither does Barone, but we can’t wait to see further updates as the game proceeds further into development.