Through My Window – Coming to Netflix in February 2022 – What the Book Is About?

Through My Window – Coming to Netflix in February 2022 – What the Book Is About?

In the long list of Netflix adaptations for teenagers, there’s Through My Window by Ariana Godoy. She released her book “A Través De Mi Ventana” on Wattpad, which translates to Through My Window.

While Netflix hasn’t released the official trailer yet, it has announced the date through this teaser/ date announcement. The movie based on a young-adult romance novel will be released on the 4th of February, 2022- right in time for Valentine’s Day.

Who is Ariana Godoy?

Being a published writer in print isn’t the only thing that can make you successful. Online websites where you can publish your writing for free are just as useful. Ariana Godoy is an American writer who gained popularity through her Wattpad novel “A Través De Mi Ventana”.

Godoy is quite the star on Wattpad, with over two hundred million reads and a whopping million followers. She has also made a name for herself on YouTube as a vlogger and has a great social media following.

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Through My Window: What it is about and what to expect

Through My Window, a Netflix Original, is the story of Raquel Álvarez- a typical thoughtful protagonist who is goal-oriented and ambitious. Raquel grew up with a single parent. As a result of her parenting, she isn’t very extroverted.

However, despite her anti-social nature, Raquel has had eyes for her attractive neighbor Ares Hidalgo. A crush she thought was unrequited turns out not to be so.

Starring the film are Clara Galle as Raquel and Julio Peña as Ares. Through My Window will also star Eric Masip, Guillermo Lasheras, Lucía de la Puerta, Natalia Azahara, Marià Casals, and Emilia Lazo. While Lasheras has had a supporting role in the Netflix series “White Lines,” most of the others are new actors.

Involving teenage characters and crushes, the film is bound to be a journey of intent romance and plenty of drama, not unlike other Wattpad adaptations “The Kissing Booth” trilogy and the “After” series.

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The film arrives on Netflix in February 2022. Fans of the genre are required to keep an eye out for other trailers and teasers that Netflix will be releasing.

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