A Boy Called Christmas – Everything You Need to Know

A Boy Called Christmas – Everything You Need to Know

Say goodbye to the same old movies that you watch every holiday season, because Netflix is here to serve us something fresh. We all are familiar with the story of Father Christmas, but we definitely are not ready for this reimagined version of it. A Boy Called Christmas is almost here, and perhaps so is Christmas; A month early.

But before you dive into that holiday spirit, here are a few things that you may want to know about this movie.

Who is Nicolas?

Well, Nicolas (played by Henry Lawful) is the central character in the Netflix film A Boy Called Christmas. He is an eleven-year-old boy who sets out on a journey to find his father deep in the north. But while doing so, he ends up discovering a fabled village, magic, hope, his destiny, and, well, Christmas.

If you are wondering that how come an eleven-year-old kid is traveling all alone, he is not. He has the cutest companion that anyone could ever ask for, Miika; Miika is a mouse, and not just an ordinary mouse, but a mouse who can talk (he can’t fly, cause that would be absurd).

The Cast of A Boy Called Christmas

I am definitely not kidding when I tell you that this is going to be everyone’s new favorite holiday movie. Starring some of the most amazing actors of the time, this Netflix film is something you should watch just for their performances.

Firstly, the pretty boy that we see as Nicolas is a star on the rise, even though many auditioned before and after Henry Lawful for the role, he was always the first choice. Producer Graham Broadbent said, “We all went, ‘he’s got a great look, with his red hair and innocent eyes, and something rather beautiful about him.

Actor Michiel Huisman plays the role of Nicolas’ father. The very funny Kristen Wiig stars as Aunt Carlotta, meanwhile, Stephen Merchant voices the adorable mouse Miica. Oscar-winning actor Jim Broadbent plays the role of the king, while Emmy-nominated actor Toby Jones portrays Father Topo.

That is not even the end of the list as two-time Oscar nominee Sally Hawkins also is in the film playing the role of Mother Vodol, the crowned head of Elfhelm. Dame Maggie Smith plays the role of Aunt Ruth, the woman who delights us all with the tale of Nicolas; Smith is undoubtedly the biggest name in the film.

The Man Behind The Camera: Gil Kenan

If you thought that a star-studded cast was all that this film boasts, allow me to introduce you to the director Gil Kenan.

Kenan himself is an Oscar-nominated director, and he even talked about why exactly he decided to do this film. He said, “What I was excited about was doing justice to that breadth of theme, and capturing the human experience, on the back of a holiday that we can take granted for.”

“The only way that I could belive that Elfhelm was actually out there was by grounding the journey and the photography in the natural world.” Kenan said while talking about his idea of how to bring the town of Elfhelm to life. The director even located the shoot for A Boy Called Christmas right on the edge of the actual Arctic Circle.

A Boy Called Christmas: Trailer

Netflix released a full-length trailer for the movie just two weeks ago, and it has everything! Literally everything. Adventure, magic, hope, fights, and, of course, a little more of our favorite Miika. Check it out yourself.

A Boy Called Christmas: Release Date

The movie will be released on November 24, 2020, just one day before Thanksgiving. So get into your PJ’s, pour yourself some eggnog, and get a slice of pizza as you sit down to celebrate Christmas a month early (and Thanksgiving a day early). This Holiday Season is going to be pretty awesome (also magical).

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