Best Quotes From Locke and Key – All Seasons

Best Quotes From Locke and Key – All Seasons

Locke and Key, the American supernatural horror series, is one of Netflix’s most successful launches. The series features a fun storyline, great acting, and spectacular filming. It isn’t exactly surprising that it is blowing up. But another underrated feature of the series is the charming dialogue. The screenwriters made sure the diabolical tonal changes of the comic were apparent in the Netflix series. So, here are some of the best quotes of Locke and Key.

Heartwarming Locke and Key quotes to celebrate the Locke family’s bond

The series surrounds the bond of three siblings and we see a family getting closer as they process grief. Based on dealing with sorrow and getting better, Locke and Key has more than its fair share of heartwarming moments and quotes. Some of the most memorable ones are:

“People come into our lives exactly when they should”

We watch Nina deal with the death of her husband. While her healing process isn’t exactly even, this quote evinces her growth through the series.

“At first, these keys were fun, but now we know they’re more than that. They’re important. They’re part of our family and we need to protect them.”

Netflix has a thing for heritage and culture. The keys to the Locke family are what the taco shop is to the Morales family in Gentefied. The emphasis Bode places on the keys while he speaks of them reminds one to take a moment and cherish our heritage and culture the way this little boy does.

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“The past is always with us. You can try and run away, but it’s always there.”

Be it circumstances or consequences of one’s own actions, there are things people don’t like to be reminded of. Randall Locke reminds users that the best way to deal with it is to ensure to come to terms with their mistakes. Considering the plot of the Netflix Original, the quote has quite the impact because of Randall and his impact on Tyler’s past.

Locke and Key wisdom to guide you spiritually

Phew, that was one dramatic sub-heading. But, the quotes that follow are no less. While the Locke siblings might be young, the things they say resonate with most viewers. Here are a few Locke and Key quotes that make you want to stop and think.

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“Best-available idea doesn’t make something a good idea.”

Just because the idea you have at the moment seems the best way out of a situation doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best. Next time you’re making an impulsive choice, let Kinsey’s words make you reconsider your plans.

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“Some things are more important than doing math problems.”

To sum the life society has planned out for all people alike up, there’s education, higher education, more education, a good job, financial stability, success, and retirement. There’s no number of years for people to enjoy themselves. Bode certainly knows what’s up for a 6-year-old. This quote from Locke and Key reminds viewers to not focus so much on productivity, there are better things to do.

“Grief never gets any smaller, so you have to make yourself bigger around it. The best way to do that is to open up. Let people in.”

“Why does tragedy exist? Because you are full of rage. Why are you full of rage? Because you are full of grief.”

-Grief Lessons: Four Plays by Euripedes (translation Anne Carson)

The Locke family, like every person on the face of Earth, has had to deal with grief. Another movie on Netflix that focuses on the theme of grief is Procession. As for Locke and Key, Joe Ridgeway puts it together perfectly by telling the characters and viewers that tragedy might strike any day. Things they’ve gone through might not get any less significant, but they will get less prominent over time as they learn to grow around it.

While Locke and Key certainly has many more memorable quotes, these were the ones that stood out the most to us. What else do you think belongs on the list?

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