Elite: Short Stories 2 on Netflix – Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and More

Elite: Short Stories 2 on Netflix – Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and More

The fifth season of Netflix’s Elite will be here soon, probably during the early months of 2022. But before that, the streaming giant is going to treat us with a little something, like how it did before the release of Elite season 4.

Elite: Short Stories; a series of episodes focused on specific characters will start streaming on Netflix this December. It will prepare us for the new season of the show. To add to that, it has also renewed the popular drama series for a sixth season, even though Elite season 5 is yet to drop.

The Spanish drama revolves around a group of middle-class kids who have made it to an A-list secondary school thanks to the scholarships and their rich classmates. Netflix has announced that we will get Elite: Short Stories to get an idea about what the characters were up to during the break.

What is Elite: Short Stories?

This started back in July 2021, when 4 short stories were released just a week before the release of season 4 of the show. It kind of got the audience caught up with everything that happened with the characters while they were not at school.

This time as well, Netflix will release 3 short stories with the same purpose. The first of which will focus on Phillipe, Caye, and Felipe, the second story will feature Samuel and Omar. Meanwhile, the third and final story will be all about Patrick.

Release Date for Elite: Short Stories

Netflix has spread the release dates for the short stories over a span of 9 days. The first of the three will make its way to the streaming network on December 15; the second story will release on December 20, and the last story will air on December 23.

Even though the first set of short stories was released just a week before Season 4’s release, we still do not have any update about the release of Elite season 5

Elite: Short Stories Trailer

A trailer for Elite: Short Stories was released on the Netflix YouTube channel. It showed us all the characters that are going to be on the center stage, while also hinting at what could happen in these stories. Fans are really excited about this. Check out the trailer yourself.

Who is in these Short Stories?

We will, of course, get to see the main cast of Elite in these short stories; Pol Granch, Àlex Monner, and Georgina Amorós will be seen in the first short story. Omar Ayuso and Itzan Escamilla will feature in the second story; meanwhile, Manu Ríos will be at the center for the third and final story.

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Are you excited?

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