More Movies Like Father Christmas Is Back on Netflix

More Movies Like Father Christmas Is Back on Netflix

It’s time to cherish the merry season because Christmas is just around the corner. A good Christmas holiday is complete without nice, merry, and feel-good Christmas movies.

Father Christmas is Back is just landed on Netflix over the weekend. The plot develops around a family of sisters, who are shocked when their father shows up after 27 years. As he left, the trauma stayed with them for a very long time. Given the gist, it has all the elements of a feel-good Christmas film to get you into a mood for the festival.


If you are interested in movies like Father Christmas is Back, we got you covered. Let’s begin with our marathon for Christmas movies on Netflix.

Movies like Father Christmas is Back on Netflix

Christmas Inheritance

A 2017 Christmas film- the ultimate cheesy Christmas movie for all. The plot develops around a New York Girl, who is the princess of an empire stuck down in a small town during Christmas without her family. In order to inherit her father’s property, she accepts her father’s wish to go to the small town, but to her surprise, she found the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Inheritance is perfect for your family movie time, and currently streaming on Netflix.

The Princess Switch

2018 film, starring Vanessa Hudgens in a double role. The plot develops around a Chicago baker and a princess, who recently found out that they long lost family. In order to enjoy each other’s life, they switched their places, where the princess became a regular baker girl who falls in love with a regular guy, and the regular back from Chicago became a princess and end up marrying a prince.

The film has two sequels, but out of three, this one is the best.

Holiday in the Wild

A 2019 film starring Rob Lowe and Kristine Davis. After dumping by her husband before their anniversary, Kate went on her second honeymoon alone in Africa. She ends up falling for the wild, especially elephants, and also a very handsome man with secrets.

The Holiday

A classic romantic-comedy film starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. Bored by their lives and giving up on love when Kate and Cameron decide to exchange each other lives and houses on the opposite sides of the world for the holiday season. But little did they know they found true love along the way.

Love Hard

A 2021 Netflix original film, starring Nina Dobrev, Jimmy O. Yang, and Darren Barnet. A Christmas catfish film, where a Los Angeles columnist falls in love online, attempts to fly across the country to surprise her online guy for the Christmas holidays. But little did she know, Josh is not at all the dreamy guy who said he was.

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